LPC51U68 deep sleep SWD

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LPC51U68 deep sleep SWD

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Hi, I'm using the LPC51U68 SDK version 2.9.0, and I tried the sample lpcxpresso51u68_utick_wakeup.
After programming this sample, I'm not anymore able to connect the chip for reprogramming or mass erase (via MCUXpresso)
I'm using CMIS-DAP V2.263 on MCU-LINK debug probe
Why the SWD is not working? I searched on U68 documentation, but I have not found any info about.
This is very big issue, I need to have my application that at RESET/POWER ON enters in deep sleep, and awakes fron internal timer or external event (GPIO trigger), but in this case no further FW program/update is allowed!!
Could you help me? How to solve this trouble?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello, to recovery the board you need to put in ISP mode and erase  the flash.

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