Homemade config to SDRAM, Wait states and READ strategy. Need advice.

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Homemade config to SDRAM, Wait states and READ strategy. Need advice.

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Hello community!

I have a LPC4337 and I want to use the AS4C2M32SA 64MB SDRAM on this costum PCB. All connections are correct.

I tried to use some examples with various configurations but now I wanted to make my own setup of the EMC and SDRAM.


By using the UM10503 manual I have made a EMC and SDRAM config function. It will compile but I am sure that I have misunderstood a few concepts and I hope someone is willing to help me out a little bit:


On page 622 in the manual it states:

"2. When the SDRAM is in the set mode state, issue an SDRAM read from an address

specific to the selected mode and the SDRAM memory organization."


I have calculated the address to be 0x2803200 (MODE=0x32 and OFFSET to be 12). HOW do i use this infomation

and when is it to be used? (before or after setting the SDRAM timings?).


Secondly I need to delay by one "wait state" to acess those timing registers. Right now I have using empty for-loops

as delay but is this the prober way to do this?


I have attached my config to this post.


Kind regards

Original Attachment has been moved to: MyEMC.zip

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

In general this topic is covered in various software implementations for the LPC1800/4300, also some app notes are available (mostly valid for LPC1800/4300 as well):


For the software side I recommend to have a look into the following packages and into the attachment (relevant files only):



NXP Support Team.

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