15: Target error from Register access

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15: Target error from Register access

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   I am using LPC54608 development board (OM13092) for evaluation. I am trying to switch the main clock to external clock but i am facing the error "15: Target error from Register access" when connecting to the debug.

   I have attached code and the error message . Please help.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


Please check the attached initialization code. 

If your external osc is not workable, you can't even debug code. for example, during clock initialization, when you execute/debug code of switch MAIN_CLK to  to system PLL, debug fails and loses connection.


To check clock setting, you can set CLKOUTSELA register to orient clk_in or main_clk or pll_clk to CLKOUT pin, measure this pin with scope. see if the output is correct.


if your external OSC configuration is wrong, normally the code will be stuck there during running; if you are doing debug, you will see debug lose connection during clock configuration code. The popped up error message such as " Target error from register access",etc.


It will not switch to internal FRO automatically by MCU when external crystal osc is failed.

Have a great day,

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