Difference between SDK_2.0_MK65FN2M0xxx18 and SDK_2.0_TWR-K65F180M

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Difference between SDK_2.0_MK65FN2M0xxx18 and SDK_2.0_TWR-K65F180M

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Hi everyone,


At the moment I'm working with tower system TWR-K65F180M, but soon I will work with my own board mounting MK65FN2M0VMI18 device.

For this reason I created two SDK 2.0 with the online SDK builder tool: one for the tower system (SDK_2.0_TWR-K65F180M) and the other for the device I use in my board (SDK_2.0_MK65FN2M0xxx18).

I noticed that the two SDK I created are identical: is there a reason for this or is there a bug in the builder?


Many thanks for the answer


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi, Francesco,

Regarding your question, I think the package is the same for the SDK_2.0_MK65FN2M0xxx18 and SDK_2.0_TWR-K65F180M. What the difference is only the memory size, it is okay to change the linker file and modify the memory size, then recompile the project.

Hope it can help you.


Xiangjun Rong