"KMS" vs. "MCRSP_PMSM_V1.2.0"


"KMS" vs. "MCRSP_PMSM_V1.2.0"

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Hello, we are new to nxp, KMS and KDS
We are interested to control 24V cooling fans for trucks and harvesting machines with the MKV31xxxx.

A) Status with KMS:

With "Kinetis Motor Suite Lab Guide" and KMS the motor is turning with the velocity plan.
The setup was very easy.

Now I have to add the temperature control with external analog sensor.

I was reading the API reference, but to you have code snippets how i can:

1) ...start/stop the motor
2) ...change the speed without velocity plan 
3) ...read the fault status

4) ...brake

5) ... read speed, current etc..

i miss this examples in the API reference.

B) Status with "MCRSP_PMSM_V1.2.0"
with the same load the motor is not starting, i cannot find the correct parameters.
The same problem i have with "MCRSP_BLDC_V1.2.0"
With MCAT the tunning is for me not so easy.
But here i have the "DemoSpeedStimulator"


1) why you offer the second "MCRSP_PMSM_V1.2.0" solution. 
Both varians have the same FOC technology?

Whitch solution should i prefer?

2) windmill
After reading your AN, i thought KMS's FOC can start the motor if the fan is spinning.
But KMS only brake the motor before starting.
In the near future you will update to a really windmill funktion like by TI
This feature is for us very important.

thanks for help and best regards
Walter Hochhuber

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Glad you have been having success using Kinetis Motor Suite to spin your motor.  

With respect to your questions about the API, we believe that is covered in the Lab Guide, specifically in lab 2.  Please take a look at let me know if that helps answer your questions about where things exist in the API.  The KMS code is fairly self-documenting and the tool tips in the PC GUI tell you which MCU variable it is connected to.

KMS does not currently handle "flying start", it is on the roadmap to be added.  This is something that an experienced user should be able to implement without too much difficulty.

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thank you very much, but this in no help.

best regards



I still have problems with the API or KDS an i don't have more time for this try and error programming.

I think it should be possible for nxp to answer this few questions, because:

-- KMS firmware :

0.773€/pcs for the "P" Version
50kpcs/a x min 10years production time= 500kpsc x 0.773€ = 386.500€ only for the KMS firmware!!

-- Hardware:

+ 500.000pcs MKV31 = € 2.335.740

+ 500.000pcs GD3000 = € 1.237.547

+ 6x500.000pcs. MOSFETS  ~€ 3.000.000

+  ????

Last try: We will look for an Field Applications Enginieer in Europe.

best regards 


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