Output File Format from CW 10.1

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Output File Format from CW 10.1

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I was wondering about the differences between a .afx file and .S19 file that's created as a result of a Codewarrior 10.1 project build.  


In the project properties window under the C/C++ Build node, the Settings option containts a Build Artifacts tab that lists the output file extension that defaults to afx.  Is this an ARM ELF format?  


There's also an option in the Tool Settings tab, under ARM Linker->Output, to generate an S-Record File.  Is the data contained in the .S19 sufficient to program the firmware into the K60 flash?  If I were to buy a JTAG programmer to program chips on a production board, would I need to load the .S19 file or the .afx file?



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S19 is just a binary data (with addresses) - it is text format with hex numbers inside.

AXF is binary and includes the code and all symbols.

Most programmers take binary and hex files, so it is enough for flashing, but not full-blown debugging.


We do offer production-level (batch-mode) flashing of Kinetis parts (including OTP and locking options).


BTW (this is an answer to your other post) - our JTAGjet emulator can be used to debug production level boards.

We also support ETM trace for Kinetis parts.


Please take a look into www.signum.com/freescale.htm 




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