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MK64 out of stock

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I am wondering how it is possible to have zero stocks on every Kinetis MCU everywhere.

Do someone know how to acquire some?


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It's not just the MK64 that's out of stock - look on line at Dig-Key, Mourse and take a look at, oh, I don't know, EVERYTHING electronic is having supply issues.  There is a parts crisis going on and I'm surprised that you haven't heard about it, it's been in all of the papers.  

Less sarcastically, you have two options:

  1. Look for other Cortex M4 parts (not necessarily by NXP) that you can use in your application and make changes to your design as required.  I, along, with a lot of other people have been scouring distributors for parts we can use and buying them up.  
  2. Wait for parts to become available - honestly, you're probably look at somewhere around a year.  I've been told that Kinetis wafers will be coming out of fab in April, which means it will be at least another ten weeks for packaging and testing.  

You're really late in the game if you're just noticing that parts are unavailble due to Covid: I highly recommend that you at least get orders in at the major distributors.  You can always cancel them if you find parts that you can use elsewhere.  

Let me repeat again, it's not just MCUs that is affected.  I was really shocked that I also had to scramble for 3.3V LDOs, OpAmps and logic buffers; things I'd never expect to have issues getting.  Take a look at your entire BoM and start buying up the parts that you need.  

Good luck.  

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"I highly recommend that you at least get orders in at the major distributors.  You can always cancel them if you find parts that you can use elsewhere.  "

Actually you can't.  Read the fine print from places like Arrow, the policies' have changed.
You are committed to the orders because they know everyone is doing this.

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Thank you for the heads up.  

I guess I shouldn't be surprised but I had placed an order with Mouser in July for 2k TMC2225s that were supposed to be available in November of this year but the date kept slipping (it's now March) and I cancelled it ten days ago without any issues.  

Nice to see that I was lucky and got it in before the Ts & Cs changed.  

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Dear @myke_predko;,

Yes I am not aware of a global "crisis". I guess I was too busy working on the solution and less in this economical and political game arount COVID

"I am not sure that destroying industries because of a any disease especially for those who are making the most profit from those industries is a winning -game-"

I know that many other MCU are out of stock. The issue comes when competitors have stocks on their most popular items and NXP not.

Guess it will be better to develop on a bunch of other MCU.

Thank you for your quick answer.

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Hi @nxp

Can someone of NXP confirm at least the request of sample I have made?

Waiting for your answer.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport
Hi flauberttagu,
After the pandemic caused demand to decline during the first half of last year, we have seen unexpected and unprecedented demand across most of our product portfolio and our direct and distribution fulfillment channels.
As manufacturing capacity is severely constrained for everyone, NXP is experiencing a significant increase in lead times.
We are working with our external manufacturing suppliers, our internal operations teams and our customers with the objective to align supply with demand as best as possible and are trying to secure more materials as soon as possible.
The teams in our supply chain organization work together with our distributors and our sales teams.
The device lead time is 52 weeks now. You may contact the distributors to place the order firstly.
Only the distributors have their own stock information. You may contact them to check one by one. But please kindly notice in this shortage situation, it is difficult to find the large volume stock. You may try to contact them for small volume.
I'm not sure if there are still samples to apply for under the current supply situation, but you can try to submit a ticket by refer How to submit a new question for NXP Support.

Best Regards,
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- We are following threads for 7 weeks after the last post, later replies are ignored
Please open a new thread and refer to the closed one, if you have a related question at a later point in time.

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