Kinetis K22_120 MHz devices

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Kinetis K22_120 MHz devices

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Kinetis K22_120 MHz devices

Hello Kinetis friends!

The launch of new Kinetis devices and development tools called "Kinetis K2" brought some new K22_120 MHz devices to the K22 family portfolio.

:smileyinfo: Please notice the name "Kinetis K2" only refers to the Kinetis generation, but it is not related to part number (e.g. K63/K64 are part of K2 generation).

Previously existing Kinetis portfolio already had some K22_120 MHz devices, so this  caused confusion regarding the documentation, header files, features, development boards and others, because the part numbers are very similar.

I created the next reference table outlining the existing K22_120 MHz parts with their corresponding files and boards. The last column is an overview of the features or peripherals that are either missing or added in each device.

:smileyalert: IMPORTANT NOTES:

          - I gathered and put together this information as reference, but it is not official. For the most accurate information please visit our webpage

          - Header files MK22F12.h and MK22FA12.h apply for legacy K22_120 devices. However TWR-K21F120M(A) board has a K21_120 part, so use MK21F12.h or MK21FA12.h instead.

     Colleague Carlos Chavez released an Engineering Bulletin (EB811) with good information related to this document:



Jorge Gonzalez


Nice helpful document!

I didn't find MK22FX512AVMC12 (text on MCU = MK22FX512V12) above, but I guess I should use MK22F12.h.

Trying out the MK22F51212.H does not match very well, for instance there are only 3 UARTS there.

Can someone guide me to where to find the header file MK22F12.h which I aim to use for MK22FX512AVMC12.

Best regards
/Christer in Sweden

Hi, Christer

MK22F12.h located at the path: C:\Freescale\Freescale_MQX_4_2\mqx\source\psp\cortex_m\cpu\iofiles.

what happen if my MCU is MK22FN1M0VLH12, but I use MK22FA12.h, or MCU is MK22FN1M0AVLH12, but I use MK22F12.h?

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