Is resistive multi-touch a possibility with eGUI

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Is resistive multi-touch a possibility with eGUI

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We are close to launching a product that uses eGUI on a K22.  Our LCD is a resistive touchscreen.

Recently, testing found an issue on our Home Screen.  We have 3 buttons spaced across the bottom of the screen.  If done right, testing shows that touching the leftmost and rightmost buttons at the same time can trigger the button in the middle.

Since we are using a voltage to interpret where touches are in the X and Y coordinate, we've used two seperate touches to effectively fake eGUI into believing that there was a single touch on that middle button.

This may just be a limit of the resistive touchscreen, but I was wondering if there might be a software solution to this problem.

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Multitouch is not possible on resistive touchscreen.  Period.

The controller can only measure two voltages -- a proportional X, and a proportional Y.  More than one touch on the screen will just 'short out' part of the resistance, leading to an intermediate relative voltage.

No magic can sort it out.

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