How to download and install KM Bare-metal divers

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How to download and install KM Bare-metal divers

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How to download and install KM Bare-metal divers

Hi All,

NXP provides a software drivers library for Kinetis M devices, the KM bare-metal drivers. It includes support for peripherals and FreeRTOS.

Follow the instructions to download and install the software package.

  • Go to the KM3x section in the NXP webpage.
  • Click on the documentation tab


  • In the Application Notes section look for the API reference manual for Kinetis M bare-metal drivers and software examples, download:
    1. HTML > Reference Manual and documentation
    2. ZIP > Software package


  • Unzip the file into a computer location.
  • Inside the folder you will find several .exe files, select the appropriate file for your application and follow the installation instructions.


  • By default a folder named KMxxxSWDRV_Rx_x_x is created. You can see the folder structure like this


      • build: Build examples project files for the selected IDE.
      • refman: Source files of the HTML Reference Manual
      • src: Source files for drivers:
        • common – common files for projects: device headers, startup routines, etc.
        • drivers – peripheral drivers source code.
        • freemaster – Freemaster source files for communication functions with Freemaster software.
        • freertos – FreeRTOS files, kernel and RTOS support.
        • projects – example projects demonstrating peripherals and modes.
        • toolchain – toolchain support.
        • template – Base projects for supported IDEs and make_project.exe file to create new project for different supported IDEs.

If you need support for a different IDE or KM device you just need to extract the appropriate .exe file from the SW package.

Hope information helps!

Happy Downloading and installing!


Adrian Cano



I am trying to write bare metal applications under KDS 3.2.0 for the MK10FX512VLQ12, which is a Cortex M4 device.  These examples appear to be written for Cortex M0 parts. Are there any bare-metal examples for my processor?

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