How best to verify flash programming on K24

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How best to verify flash programming on K24

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Hello, A customer of ours would like to verify the firmware programmed into the flash on a K24 through the JTAG or SWD port. The boards have been assembled and programmed in another location and there are also various revisions of the firmware. I understand some of the P&E Micro Cyclones can verify against a .S19 file. Are there other options or methods to do this?



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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

You can use any debug probe connected to the target and then use Eclipse memory view to export the memory as S19, see Dump my Device Memory | MCU on Eclipse .

Another option with a SEGGER you can use remote access (see Remote Board Debugging: J-Link Remote Server with Eclipse | MCU on Eclipse ), for this you need a probe attached and some kind of network access, if you have to do this from remote.

I hope this helps,


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