Getting started with the eGUI (a.k.a. D4D)

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Getting started with the eGUI (a.k.a. D4D)

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Getting started with the eGUI (a.k.a. D4D)

On behalf of EarlOrlando

Hello community,

This document is intended to be a basic guide to get started with the eGUI. If you need a closer view about what this driver is, it is recommended to take a look into the eGUI Introduction document. Before starting, it is needed to download the library from the NXP eGUI website and it is recommended to take a look into the eGUI Reference Manual.

For this document, a demo included in the eGUI drivers will be run and then modified to toggle a LED in the TWR-K70F120M board from the eGUI interface displayed in the TWR-LCD-RGB board.




1. About this document.

2. Running the K70 demo on IAR.

a. Compiling the TWR-K70F120M MQX libraries.

b. Adding the SD card content.

c. Download the application to the MCU.

3. Modifying the eGUI demo.

a. Creating a new screen.

i. Adding a new source file for the new screen.

ii. Adding the screen header files.

iii. Adding some macro definitions.

iv. Defining screen attributes.

v. Declaring the screen.

vi. Defining a new string.

vii. Adding the screen interfaces

b. Opening the new screen.

c. Creating a new button.

d. Toggling the LED.

4. Conclusion.

I hope you find this guide useful. Enjoy this guide, any feedback is welcome!


Hi Carlos:

Thank you for posting this guide. It is very useful :smileyhappy:.


Jorge Gonzalez

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