Crypto power consumption using MMCAU vs software lib

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Crypto power consumption using MMCAU vs software lib

NXP Employee
NXP Employee

My query is about power consumption of k64f MCU for doing crypto functions (e.g. a given mode on AES-128-CCM/GCM). I have a choice of using the crypto function from a software library such as tinycrypt or mbedtls.

Alternatively, I can implement the same function to use MMCAU accelerator.

Which of these two approaches would result in lower energy consumption of MCU?

From power consumption perspective, do the crypto accelerators such as MMCAU on k64f & LTC on kw41z yield better?

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Specialist V

Hi Vakul

I think that it is also important to know in which mode the processor is used because if periods of calculation represent the predominant overall power consumption the speed of the operations will also play an important role; if the CAU does it very quickly with a higher current consumption it may still be lower power than a slower SW implementation that takes longer to complete even if it's current requirement during the period is lower.

There are times required for such functions in the following document but I have never tested the current requirements during the calculation - maybe I'll add it when I am working on the modules again...



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