CW 10.1 for Microcontrollers, Processor Expert Init_UART

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CW 10.1 for Microcontrollers, Processor Expert Init_UART

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I"m new to the Eclipse-flavored CW10.0 for microcontrollers, and starting with something simple: serial I/O. When I used Processor Expert to initialze the UART (Init_UART), the progam interrupts to Cpu_Interrupt: the first time the PE-generated initialization code touches the UART registers. Am I stumbling upon some sort of memory range protection? How do I work around it? And is it reasonable to expect Processor Expert to do this for me?


Also, does the unpaid version of CW 10.1 permit access to all the async UART PE functions? It complained when I tried to invoke anything other than Init_UART.


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it seems that your problem is related to the clock gate feature. For more details please see:


If the problem will persist, please post here your project


best regards
Vojtech Filip
Processor Expert Support Team

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