Battery-Backed Time-of-Day clock

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Battery-Backed Time-of-Day clock

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Please point me to the schematics that are needed to run the Kinetis when otherwise not powered, as a time-of-day clock.  Ie, what parts of the processor need to be powered from a coin battery?  Power switching circuits? 


Is there an App Note available on implementing a time-of-day clock on Kinetis?  If not, it would be a good topic.  Hint, Hint.  This is going to be a recurring design element for a lot of engineers.


Does MQX have any functionality intended for use with the Real-Time-Clock / Time-of-Day to implement a clock-calendar?


I see that the KwikStik has a 32KHz XTAL.  Is that board complete enough to function as a battery-backed time-of-day clock?  Is there example code that comes with the board to implement time-of-day functionality?




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Go to the Freescale webpage, and do a keyword search for "KQRUG". You will find a Kinetis Peripheral Module Quick Reference. It has an example VBAT circuit diagram. It's really simple, needing just one extra component (plus a battery).


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