HoverGames NavQ Google Coral Camera Case on Thingiverse

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HoverGames NavQ Google Coral Camera Case on Thingiverse

NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi everyone,

The camera on the NavQ as shipped comes protected with heatshrink, and it can be affixed in a variety of locations on the drone with double sided tape or velcro.

For those with access to a 3d printer, i just made a small case with articulated mount and thought i would share it. This aligns with the holes in the drone extension plate that is included with the kit. A screw and standoff kit is included with the NavQ and there are extra pieces that can be used for connecting this to the plate.

You can download the STL files here. I also included STEP and Fusion360 source files if anyone wants to edit anything themselves. (Fusion360 is free for educational use BTW)

There's a video of it in action included: 

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