To solve a bug in PCF8579 LCD Driver IC

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To solve a bug in PCF8579 LCD Driver IC

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Hello community, 

I am developing a firmware for a LCD display in which PCF8579 is used as a driver IC.

In my application, everything was working fine; however, PCF8579(1) generates unnecessary signals on its segment pin (0,1,2) without writing anything in RAM area. 

I have used two PCF8579 IC because i intend to drive total 78 segments; for that reason, i required two ICs.

Backplanes are driven by PCF8578 IC.

So, kindly suggest your opinion. What should i do in this situation.

If anybody have any idea about it then please let me know. 

I am waiting for your response !


Nilesh Parmar : Embedded software engineer

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