Telnet failure on MCF5329


Telnet failure on MCF5329

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I have a 5329 board up and running with "ltib-cf_nommu-20081215".  Ethernet works fine and I can also connect using NFS to the board.  But I cannot connect to the board with telnet.  The connecting computer shows the following error:


Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
Connection closed by foreign host.


On the board side an error shows up in the /var/log/messages, it says:


Jan  1 02:17:27 freescale user.err telnetd: open pty



Any ideas on why I cannot get telet to run?

Thanks in advance


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Did you get this working? I am using telnet with the 20081215 ltib. I had success by not using inetd and starting telnetd manually. Make sure you have "Target System Configuration" "Boot up with tty and login" Inittab startup line:

(::respawn:-/sbin/getty -L console 0 screen) Under "Character Devices"  I have "Unix98 PTY support" and "Legacy (BSD) PTY support" enabled. In Busybox configuration "Support standalone telnetd (not inetd only)" enabled.


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