Flashing Code into the MCF5329EVB


Flashing Code into the MCF5329EVB

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We have three MCF5329EVBs and all three have the same symptom when attempting to flash code into them. They hang forever. Freescale support said to use the MCF5329_ROM.cfg file when flashing but we don't have that file. I found an MCF5329EVB_FLASH.cfg file. I figure this should be the one for setting up to download code into the flash but it is identical to the MCF5329EVB.cfg file (for using the RAM) except for the value written to the VBR, which I doubt is the problem. The rest of the file contents are identical. This doesn't make sense to me since the RAM and FLASH cannot both be on CS0 but CS0 is the only chip select that is getting set up in either .cfg file. I don't see anywhere in that file where it is configuring a chip select for CS2 (which is the chip select for the NAND flash, according to the EVB documentation).

FYI: We have CodeWarrior 6.2 (Rev B) installed.

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MCF5329EVB.cfg and MCF5329EVB_FLASH.cfg are used for Boot Flash (2M size Intel). Code Warrior doesn’t have a cfg file to support NAND flash (16M). You must add NAND configuration (CS2) in MCF5329EVB.cfg. What NAND flash do you have? If CodeWarrior FlashProgrammer doesn't have support for this flash type you can add it using a Perl script.


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