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Codewarrior EPPC 8.0 Question

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I am using Codewarrior for EPPC v8.0 to develop code for the MPC555. I have been using a Phytec development board and its Wiggler for remote debugging and downloading of code so far. I have recently purchased a P&E USB Multilink cable so I can perform in-circuit programming of the chip via a BDM header. However, I noticed that this remote debugger does not seem to be an option in the configuration box. Is this connection supported in Codewarrior v8.0 for EPPC? Perhaps a patch is required. If not, is there any plans to have it in the near future? The Codewarrior can create S-record files, S3 type with .mt extension, but the flash programmer I have from P&E supports .s19. Is there anyway to convert between these two, in case Codewarrior really does not support the P&E Multilink cable?

Thanks in Advance.
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NXP Employee
NXP Employee
P&E USB Multilink is not supported in EPPC 8.0. There're plans to add it in next releases.

S-Record file generated by CodeWarrior (.mot file) is .s37 file. I am not aware of a tool to convert straight from s37 to s19. Though you could use an srec to bin and backword bin to srec. See for a freeware tools.

Note that s19 uses 2-byte addresses so you might loose the correct starting offset, and also you are limmited to 64Kb of data.

Teodor Madan

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Hi Teo,

While we're sharing links, a colleague just gave me this one which sounds quite neat as well...


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