Creating libraries

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Creating libraries

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Hi Jennie.

I am having problems following your instructions for creating a library: -

1. I created a new library project, but there is no "main.c" and there is a Debug folder, which is empty.

2. I have been using Windows on a MAC, using a virtual machine for about 10 years without any problems with CW but I do not have any function keys mapped, so what do I do instead of ALT+F7

3. Your library project was created with the name mylib : MC9S08QG8_library, whereas my library project has the name mylib : Debug

In desperation I tried to edit and re-compile your file mylibrary.c, but nothing changed when ran your test project.

Finally, I have about 10 projects that use various members of the S08 family where approximately 50% of the code is common to all. Do I have to copy the .lib and .h files into each of them? This would be a big problem if or when I need to modify a library function. There would probably be about 12 functions in the library

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


I tested the sample code, I didn't see any issue. see attached video.

you can change the name of "Debug" based on your requirement. see video as well.

For lib, make sure the extension is .lib


Have a nice day

Jun Zhang


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