CodeWarrior+Kinetis Reference Manual.


CodeWarrior+Kinetis Reference Manual.


CodeWarrior+Kinetis Reference Manual.

Even though there has been a huge rush to get the latest versions of CodeWarrior for MCU, I've also got some questions regarding the compiler and linker version 10.0, so I'll share with you the Kinetis Refernce Manual for MCU v10.x


The Kinetis (also known as ARM or Cortex-M4) Build Tools Reference Manual for Microcontrollers describes the compiler used for the Freescale 32-bit Microcontroller Unit (MCU) chip series.


This application note provides information about the CodeWarrior compiler and its linker, versions 10.0 and higher and explains how to use CodeWarrior tools to build programs.


CodeWarrior build tools translate source code into object code then organize that object code to create a program that is ready to execute. CodeWarrior build tools run on the host system to generate software that runs on the target system. Sometimes the host and target are the same system. Usually, these systems are different.


The document also provides information about the documentation related to the CodeWarrior Development Studio for Microcontrollers, Version 10.x and contains these major sections:

• Compiler Architecture

• Linker Architecture

• Additional Information Resources

• Miscellaneous


Ready to give it a glance?  Do it now!

Kinetis Build Tools Reference Manual Kinetis Build Tools Reference Manual

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Hey Monica,

Thanks for sharing this.  Very helpful.

In the new version of Codewarrior (Codewarrior 10.3 (beta)), it appears as though Processor expert now generates ".ld" files instead of ".lcf" files?  Do you know if ".ld" files and ".lcf" files are interchangeable or do they follow different conventions?

I appreciate your help,


Hello Richard!

Good to know this is helpful!

Consulting it with CodeWarrior gurus, the extension depends on the selected compiler. For gcc, the Id extension is generated, and in the case of FSL ARM compiler, the Icf extension is generated.

Best regards!


Thanks again for your help.

Any time Richard :smileywink:

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