codewarrior and eclipse


codewarrior and eclipse

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Does anyone know how to create a project with 10.5 for a hc12 processor other than s08 or what is available.




Or does anyone have a project already made for an hc12?




Or does someone know how to take an existing project and change it to accommodate any hc12?




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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

I did that a while back:

It works the same way (with make files) for S12/HC12, as the build tools (compiler, linker) are command line tools. Actually the command line commands are pretty much the same as for S08, so can be used the same way.

I hope this gives an idea?

If there is enough interest (and I find time), I could set up someting for S12 similar to what is describe in this series (but using S12 instead of ARM):

DIY Free Toolchain for Kinetis: Part 1 – GNU ARM Build Tools | MCU on Eclipse

Of course the compiler would not be free ;-)

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