Problems!FreeMASTER communication through CAN!

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Problems!FreeMASTER communication through CAN!

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       i intergrated the freemaster codes into my application codeand download the S19 file into the evaluation bord.

       the communication configuration is

      (1)short-inter mode

      (2) the FMSTR_Poll() is in for(;;)FMSTR_Isr() is in can receive interrupt function; FMSTR_Init();

      (3)FlexCAN,  SPC56**

Then, the result of “Test Connection”

                  " target is alive (responded to ping)"


           the standard frame 0x7aa send and the response is received,but in the next step i click the button " STOP " to start communication,the results is below:

           " Can not detec the board information! the  communication  will paused. Error code: 0x858e0003


I have several questions:

(1) Freemater through CAN, the protocol of communication is XCP/CCP? because i do not find the protocol in the specification,please confirm the information。

(2) without can protocol,how can i fix the problem?

                   looking forward to your  response,My E@mal is" ", thank you.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


To make the debugging of this issue a bit simpler I'd recommend you to start with polling mode first since the complexity of the interrupts is not involved.


Please make sure CAN ID on the target matches with embedded side (FMSTR_CAN_CMDID, FMSTR_CAN_RESPID - freemaster_defcfg.h). Default value is 0x7aa.

Also you can try to increase the response timeout:


FreeMASTER does not use XCP/CPP protocol but its own protocol (see fremaster_protocol.c/freemaster_protocol.h)

Hope it helps.


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