CodeWarrior for Power Architecture processors

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CodeWarrior for Power Architecture processors

CodeWarrior for Power Architecture processors

The documentation regarding Power Architecture Processors (version 10.1.1) already shows the great features that Code Warrior offers to this embedded-systems develompment tool kit powered for both Windows and Linux users.

This release note provides important information for users of CodeWarrior Development Studio for Power Architecture 10.1.2, upgrading and expanding the Quick Start sessions and improving its content to help us programmers with this great developing suite, from its installation to the final process of debugging and testing our work!


If you are into programming with CodeWarrior suites, this document, (just updated, by the way!)  it's really important for you to become familiar with this release‟s supported targets, new features, errata with workarounds, and other useful information.

The new features described in this document are new relative to the last general availability release, CodeWarrior for Power Architecture 10.1.1.


Get to read the document here! and if you have further questions, I'll be happy to help out! You can always visit Freescale for further information!

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