CodeWarrior TAP Debugging - Signal 'Halt' - Received Immediately

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CodeWarrior TAP Debugging - Signal 'Halt' - Received Immediately

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I'm attempting to use the CodeWarrior IDE (CodeWarrior for Power Architecture v10.5.1) with a CodeWarrior TAP (OS v1.04) remotely to debug a MPC8313e target.

I can connect to the TAP and download my binary onto my target's RAM. However whenever I attempt to debug I immediately go to 0x0 and receive the message on my thread:
"Thread [ID:0x0] (Suspended: Signal 'Halt' received. Description: User halted thread.)"
I can set my program counter to the proper entry point and step through fine, but whenever I resume the same message appears.

What exactly is the 'Halt' signal in reference to? Is it strictly a connection from TAP or could it be a more general request caused by the program crashing?

On the physical connection from TAP I currently have pin 5 HALTED not connected as the manual says it's not used and doesn't need to be connected.
From that manual it would seem pin 15 CKSO_B could also be a culprit for a 'Halt'-like signal. With the assumption it means "check stop bar" I have it tied to 3.3v (I've tried ground also), my last debugger ignored that pin.

What does "CKSO_B" stand for exactly? Is it "clock serial out bar" or "check stop bar"? What is the expected input from target to sustain running? 

Additionally is there some way to have the TAP ignore 'Halt' requests from the target? I am more interested in running binaries from RAM as a method of board bring up than actually debugging.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Here is diagram request to connect the JTAG. Here is the link to the design checklist.

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