Code Warrior - Guide to rebuild code for Kinetis rev2 (non-Z) parts

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Code Warrior - Guide to rebuild code for Kinetis rev2 (non-Z) parts

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- More specifically, I have a few thousand lines of code for K10 (rev1) already in an existing (shipping) product.

- Code does not use an OS - just a home brew scheduler.

- We need to change hardware to the newer rev2 (non-z) part.

- I already read AN4445 - its informative, but nothing about transitioning the code using Code Warrior.


o Is there a doc describing the steps?


o What version of Code Warrior supports this?


o What changes(if any) does Process Expert need

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Dave:

When migrating from rev1 to rev2, the major task is changing the code accordingly to the differences stated in AN4445 due to the new, removed or modified registers. You must ensure that the changes keep your application working as expected.

Regarding CodeWarrior there is not a guide because it should not be difficult to start working with the new silicon version. Here some general steps:

    - Create new project for K10, selecting a rev2.x part from the New Project Wizard. Enable PEx from the wizard if necessary.

    - Import the source/header files from your rev1.x project to this new project. If using PEx, you can avoid to import the files that are automatically generated.

    - Copy your Processor Expert components (skip MCU component) to this new project. Refer to the next tutorial about this step:

Copy of Processor Expert Components | MCU on Eclipse

I recommend you to use the latest CodeWarrior version, which is now CW for MCUs v10.6.

I hope this helps you.

Jorge Gonzalez

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