MCUXpresso IDE v11.0.1 Now Available

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MCUXpresso IDE v11.0.1 Now Available

NXP Employee
NXP Employee
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We are pleased to announce that MCUXpresso IDE v11.0.1 (build 2563) is now available.


This is a maintenance release that builds upon the previous MCUXpresso IDE v11.0.0 release, and we recommend that all existing users download and install this new version. It also incorporates a minor update to the integrated MCUXpresso Config Tools.


To download the installers for all platforms, please login to our download site via:


IMPORTANT NOTE 1 : An issue has been identified with MCUXpresso IDE v11.0.1 that impacts the debugging of older LPC devices using SEGGER J-Link. This issue will be seen only when debugging an LPC device that uses the IDE's preinstalled part support i.e. parts that do not require an SDK. For more details, along with a hotfix patch to resolve this issue, please see:


IMPORTANT NOTE 2 : An issue has been identified with MCUXpresso IDE v11.0.1 that impacts the debugging of LPC55S6x Revision 0A silicon devices (as found on LPCXpresso55S69 Revision A1 boards) in some circumstances via LinkServer debug connections (typically CMSIS-DAP). For more details, along with a hotfix patch, please see:


Summary of Changes - version 11.0.1 - September 2019

  • Updates to allow LinkServer debug connections (ie CMSIS-DAP) to LPC55S6x "rev 1B" silicon and other devices that implement "debug mailbox request" mechanism. Note that these changes mean that some pre-production LPC55S6x silicon can no longer be supported
  • Updates to support new devices, including K32L3A and i.MX RT1010 families
  • Link to now provided in New Project and Import SDK example(s) wizards, improving accessibility for downloading additional SDKs
  • Updates to map file awareness, including improvements to loading speed
  • Fixed various issues with Image Info view
  • Fixed issue with floating point options being incorrectly set for SDK example projects with C++ nature in some circumstances
  • Extended "include paths" indexer fix implemented in IDE v11.0.0 to also work with library projects
  • Fixed issue with SDK multicore examples importing with managed linker script settings not being configured correctly in some circumstances
  • Fixed memory leak in Installed SDKs view when regeneration of part support info triggered
  • Managed linker script mechanism now generates references to "CodeQuickAccess"", "DataQuickAccess" and "RamFunction" input sections (required by some SDK examples/ drivers) in default .data output section
  • Fixed issue with Debug Shortcuts in QuickStart Panel incorrectly selecting attach/debug option in some circumstances
  • Fixed various minor issues with GUI Flash Tool
  • Fixed issue with Global Variables view slowing down debug launches with C++ projects
  • Fixed addresses > 0x80000000 issue with Heap and Stack Usage view
  • Fixed issue with Global Variables view graphs updating when target suspended
  • Fixed issue with Peripherals View with LPC17xx devices, particularly effecting display of certain enumerations
  • Fixed issue with Peripherals View refresh. This could cause some registers to sometimes be erroneously displayed as unavailable
  • Fixed issue with LinkServer launch configuration wirespeed setting being ignored in some circumstances
  • Updated the way the IDE autodetects installed SEGGER software. This is required due to changes SEGGER have made to the default options of their Windows installer in v6.46 and later of their software
  • Fixed issue with P&E and SEGGER implementations of live variables service (required to support live update of globals in Global Variables view). This issue could provoke problems in some circumstances when debugging via these probes including slow debug performance and failure to display locals inside the Variables view
  • Fixed issue with display of large arrays when using P&E or SEGGER debug connections
  • Fixed issue which could trigger error when manually creating a J-Link launch configuration
  • Upgraded to a later version of the P&E Micro plugin (v4.2.5)
  • Upgraded to a later version of the SEGGER J-Link software (v6.46k)
  • Fixed build issue with MCUXpresso IDE v11.0.0 User Guide which caused last chapter ("Appendix – Additional Hints and Tips") to be merged into the previous chapter ("Multicore Projects") as section 19.6 onwards. Actual content of manuals provided with IDE v11.0.1 otherwise unchanged from v11.0.0 manuals