MCUXpresso IDE v10.3.1 Now Available

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MCUXpresso IDE v10.3.1 Now Available

NXP Employee
NXP Employee
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We are pleased to announce that MCUXpresso IDE v10.3.1 (build 2233) is now available.


This is a maintenance release that builds upon the previous MCUXpresso IDE v10.3.0 release, and we recommend that all existing users download and install this new version.


To download the installers for all platforms, please login to our download site via:



MCUXpresso IDE v10.3.1 will be the last release to be compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. Future releases will only be compatible with 64-bit versions of Windows. (The MacOS and Ubuntu versions of MCUXpresso IDE are already 64-bit only.)


Summary of Changes - version 10.3.1 - February 2019

  • Improvements to support for i.MX RT600 MCUs
  • Improvements to support for LPC5500 MCUs
  • Added managed linker script and LinkServer debug support for i.MX RT1015
  • Fixed issue with permissions within IDE installation directory on MacOS and Ubuntu which could cause failure of FreeRTOS TAD plugin and also prevent installation and update of third party plugins (e.g. from Eclipse Marketplace)
    Managed linker script mechanism now includes libgcc.a in the list of libraries to be linked against when using Redlib
    (to resolve any runtime support functions generated by compiler that have no specific implementation in Redlib)
  • Improved error checking in Memory Configuration Editor
  • Managed Linker Script settings in Project Properties now more thoroughly checks alignment / region size when calculating "Default" stack size - preventing potential issues with incorrect stack alignment
  • Fixed issue with handling of "preinclude file" option when importing "Connectivity" example projects available in SDKs for certain MCUs (such as Kinetis KW devices)
  • Fixed issue with the SDK project wizards such that new projects could, in some circumstances, inherit memory configuration information from a previous instance of the project wizard
  • Fixed issue when importing SDK example projects that could cause projects to lose part of their configuration
  • Fixed issue with "Select All" option failing when trying to add SDK Middleware components to a project with some SDKs
  • Improved handling of incorrect SDKs
  • Fixed issue with Project Properties right-click menu which could cause it to fail to display for non-SDK projects
  • Various fixes to SDK Editor / Creator
  • Binary Utilities options are now disabled in certain cases for "CDT virtual nodes" in the Project Explorer view (when such nodes are pointing to "files" that don't actually exist in the file system)
  • Fixed issue in Fault Views which could cause certain fault registers to be displayed when they were not valid for the
    current fault
  • Fixed issue with the display of registers in their "natural" format in the Register view. This in particular means that floating point registers will now be displayed in floating point format by default instead of hex
  • Fixed issue with display of Registers View when the target is running
  • Fixed issue with the handling of Peripherals View for SDK-based multicore MCUs
  • Fixed issue with "Resume All" button being enabled even when all debug sessions are already running
  • Enhanced Global Variables view to allow live variables update to be started/stopped whilst target is paused
  • Fixed issue with LinkServer debug which could cause connection failures when debugging MCUs (such as LPC8xx) which use the "-vc" debug option by default
  • Fixed issue with LinkServer flash driver handling causing unnecessary memory accesses to be made, which could cause flash programming failures with some very RAM limited MCUs
  • Fixed issue with LinkServer related to debugging applications in RAM, which could prevent correct setting of breakpoints
  • Fixed issue with LinkServer attaching to projects running in RAM
  • Improved LinkServer debug connections to RT10xx devices to avoid occasional "wire ack" fault that could occur when resetting MCU at the end of flash programming
  • LinkServer debug connections now default to using the same Peripheral View service as used by SEGGER and P&E debug connections. The LinkServer native service can currently be reenabled via a preference, though this functionality will be removed in a future release
  • Fixed issue that could cause LinkServer debug to occasionally slow down
  • Improved LinkServer command line programming stability
  • IDE now displays double precision registers in Register View with SEGGER and P&E Micro debug connections by default (where available on MCU)
  • Upgraded to a later version of the P&E Micro plugin (v3.9.9)
  • Upgraded to a later version of the SEGGER software (v6.42b)