MCUXpresso IDE v10.0.2 Now Available

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MCUXpresso IDE v10.0.2 Now Available

NXP Employee
NXP Employee
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MCUXpresso IDE v10.0.2 (build 411) is now available.


To download the installer for all platforms, please visit:


For users migrating from the current v10.0.0 release of MCUXpresso IDE, we recommend that new debug launch configurations are used:


Delete existing launch configurations


Sometimes the contents or options specified in the debug launch configurations used by MCUXpresso IDE can change between versions. Thus when moving to a new version of the MCUXpresso IDE, we would recommend deleting any existing debug launch configurations within your project. These files are typically named "<projectname> <debug solution>Debug.launch" and "<projectname> <debug solution>Release.launch".


The easiest way to do this is to right click on a project in Project Explorer and select:


Launch Configurations -> Delete Launch Configurations


from the context sensitive menu. The IDE will then automatically create a fresh set of launch configurations the next time that you start a debug session. Note: you may need to reapply any modifications you made to your launch configurations in your previous version of MCUXpresso IDE.


Release Notes v10.0.2 (July 2017)


  • Fixed an issue where an MCU provided in both SDK and pre-installed support (e.g. LPC5411x) could in some circumstances erroneously reselect part support for a project from the wrong source
  • Solved an issue with attempting to install a non-IDE-compatible SDK into a non-default location
  • Solved some issues with creating projects in non-default locations
  • Fixed an issue with the Properties view displaying information for the wrong device in some circumstances (for pre-installed parts)
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect dependency selection in project wizards in some circumstances when switching between boards
  • It is now possible to create makefile projects for SDK MCUs
  • Enhanced the Memory Configuration Editor to give an error if there is no RAM defined for a project
  • Enhanced the Heap & Stack Editor to allow heap size to be set to zero
  • Added a "Create Srecord" option to the Binary Utilities menu
  • Implemented a port auto-discovery mechanism for LinkServer, SEGGER and P&E Micro debug sessions, to improve concurrent debug session behavior
  • Improved editing of launch configurations via double-click, and also improved their presentation in the Project Explorer
  • Fixed some issues with manually generated launch configurations (including non-stop setting)
  • Added probe icons in the "Launch Configuration Selection" dialog
  • Fixed a failure to display registers for certain peripherals in Peripheral View for SDK-based MCUs
  • Resolved an issue with Peripherals failing to display if a '_' character was used in a register name
  • Fixed some issues with the semihosting console:
    • Space/newline characters were occasionally lost when printing only a single character
    • Empty strings were sometimes mishandled
  • Fixed an issue with "Terminate All" in some circumstances when multiple debug connections were active   
  • Improved synchronization of the state of MCUXpresso IDE's blue debug button on the toolbar with the one on the Quickstart Panel, particularly when moving between tabs
  • Stopped the Registers view triggering a null pointer error when an n/a value was clicked
  • Fixed a LinkServer issue with the setting of watchpoints when debugging Cortex-M0/M0+ based MCUs
  • Fixed an issue with auto-core selection when debugging triple-core LPC43xx devices
  • Fixed an issue with display of performance counters in LinkServer SWO Trace
  • LinkServer FreeRTOS Thread Aware Debug is now only available in all-stop debug connections, not in non-stop.  However, FreeRTOS TAD views are still available for non-stop connections
  • Fixed an issue with LinkServer debug connections losing target control when an attempt was made to use more hardware breakpoint units than were implemented by the MCU
  • Fixed an issue where peripherals could fail to be displayed in LinkServer debug connections in some circumstances
  • Enhanced LinkServer support for debugging RAM-only projects
  • Reduced the startup time for LinkServer debug sessions
  • Improved the performance of LinkServer semihosting
  • Enhanced LinkServer to allow restricted parsing of the MCU debug AP bus, allowing support for MCUs with incomplete Coresight implementations
    • Debug of Kinetis KL28 MCUs is now supported via LinkServer
  • Fixed an issue with MCUXpresso IDE mistakenly attempting to use JTAG instead of SWD connections for certain CMSIS-DAP probes with multicore MCUs that have no JTAG support in hardware
  • Fixed an issue with MCUXpresso IDE in some circumstances trying to make a LinkServer multicore debug connection to a slave core without correctly selecting the core
  • Fixed the Save button for the LinkServer SWO Trace ITM console
  • LinkServer no longer leaves the MCU's CPU in debug mode when terminating a debug connection (so semihosted I/O will now hard fault, rather than causing the CPU to enter debug)
  • Made various improvements to the LinkServer GUI flash programmer
  •  Upgraded to a later version of the SEGGER software (v6.16b)
  •  Improved SEGGER support, including:
    • Support for concurrent debugging via multiple SEGGER probes
    • Improved SEGGER launch configuration UI, providing more options directly and adding a new Startup tab
    • Fixed an issue with terminating a debug session when multiple SEGGER debug sessions are active
    • Enhanced automatic part selection for SEGGER debug connections of pre-installed MCUs
    • Changed the SEGGER device dropdown to accept free-form text
    • Fixed an issue seen when debugging with an external SEGGER GDB server, which triggered telnet console issues
    • SEGGER server errors now appear in the dialog when debug connections fail
    • Fixed a server shutdown when a debug session was terminated to leave the board in a running state
  • Upgraded to a later version of the P&E Micro plugin (v3.0.3)
  • Improved P&E Micro support, including:
    • Support for concurrent debugging via multiple P&E Micro probes
    • Fixed an issue with the Quickstart Teminate/Build/Debug button when used with P&E Micro debug connections
  • Various other bug-fixes and UI tweaks, including:
    • Quickstart Panel floating point options made device specific        
    • Added a link to the Error Log view in the invalid SDK exception error dialog
    • Fixed a LinkServer semihosting input issue (e.g. scanf  needing extra carriage returns)
    • Fixed an issue with handling the LPC5411x SDK versus preinstalled support board selection
    • Removed non-stop Probe Discovery options that had been presented for the LinkServer GUI Flash Programmer Mass erase function
    • Added an option to the Project Wizard to allow import of "miscellaneous" files from SDK project structure and SDK components into the generated project
    • Fixed an issue with library project creation pulling in startup code
  • Changed the name of the Linux installer from .run to .bin to avoid issues with the Flexera download system
  • Fixed the Linux P&E Micro udev rules setup for users who have Kinetis Design Studio installed
  • Documentation fixes and minor enhancements to reflect product changes
  • Enhancements to LPC84x support, including ROM divide support  in the new project wizard
  • Added PN7xxxx to the list of pre-installed MCUs  
  • Added QN9080-specific LinkServer debug support


Version 10.0.0 (Mar 2017)

  • First release
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