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$1 Gets You 500 MHz with i.MX RT1010 Crossover MCUs

NXP Employee
NXP Employee
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Though not widely publicized, the $1 price point of the newly announced i.MX RT1010 crossover MCU made me pause. My parents always told me that a dollar is not what it used to be, meaning that the value of a dollar today does not go nearly as far as it used to for them when they were growing up.

On one hand, I agree. The average trip to Starbucks, will likely cost you $6. The “One Dollar” dry-cleaner in Austin, Texas, is now charging over $3 per article of clothing. And when I go to a movie, I am easily forking over at least $10 per ticket.

But on the other hand, when I look at technology, the value actually continues to grow year after year. You do get more for less when compared to technology from years ago. And now for just $1, you can get a 500 MHz MCU, integrated with smart features and complete with software drivers and support.

For just $1, you can use the new i.MX RT1010 crossover MCU to start designing everything from a guitar pedal to a light switch to a robotic medicine dispenser.  I am excited to see what this new lower price point in the high performance MCU market will enable.

Over the next 10 days, I’ll be counting down 10 reasons why you should consider i.MX RT1010 MCUs, all in celebration of the product launch. Hopefully these blogs will give you some insight into the chip and help you launch your own legacy using i.MX RT series MCUs.