Modifying the latest Adafruit 2.8" LCD for SDK graphics examples

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Modifying the latest Adafruit 2.8" LCD for SDK graphics examples

NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport
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Our MCUXpresso SDK is expanding to include more and more graphics examples, including LittleVGL and emWIN support for SPI-based LCDs. The examples we provide can be ported to different controllers, but are based/tested on a shield from Adafruit (product ID:1947) with an ILI9341 TFT controller and FT6206 cap touch controller. Adafruit have released different versions of this shield; early ones (marked as v2.3) work out of the box with NXP's boards, but later versions (that don't have a version number!) need a couple of simple modifications.


Older boards dont have solder pads to select IOREF as 3.3V or 5V, and have the SCK, MISO and MOSI connections defaulting to the standard Arduino pins:




On the newer boards you will see the IOREF pads (you need to solder the center pin to the 3.3V pad - be careful not to short all the pads together). On this version the SPI signals default to the ICSP connector instead (for Arduino Leo/Mega), so you will need to cut these and solder bridge the adjacent pads (SCK to 13, SO to 12 and SI to 11):



Now the SDK examples should work without any software changes needed.