5V, Robustness, Touch and Motor Control? Get All That And More With The KE1xZ MCU Family

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5V, Robustness, Touch and Motor Control? Get All That And More With The KE1xZ MCU Family

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NXP Employee
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The 5V KE MCU series has been designed to maintain high reliability and robustness in harsh electrical noise environments primarily targeting white goods and industrial applications, but now extending its success to consumer applications where touch sensing, safety and motor control capabilities have become a “must have” in the embedded design. 


The KE1xZ MCU family provides a highly scalable portfolio of robust 5V MCUs based on the Arm® Cortex ® -M0+ running up to 72 MHz and supporting up to 256 KB flash with a complete set of analog/digital features. The 1-Msps ADC and FlexTimer modules provide a perfect set of interfaces for BLDC motor control systems. To complement the high integration of this family, the robust Touch Sense Interface (TSI) module provides a high level of stability and accuracy to any HMI System.


Kinetis KE1xZ MCU Family Block Diagram


NXP’s touch solution helps accelerate time to market with pre-certified and tested hardware components, an optimized software environment and easy-to-use configuration tools. This solution combines specialized touch software with the TSI available on the KE15Z/16Z MCUs, along with a complete set of tools enabling designers to easily add touch to user interface applications including home appliances, smart buildings, machines for industrial control and more.


You can start your design with the FRDM-KE16Z Freedom development board which is designed to work in standalone mode or as the main board for the FRDM-TOUCH module or the FRDM-MC-LVBLDC, the Freedom Development Platform for Low-Voltage 3-Phase BLDC Motor Control, as well as any Arduino ® board. This Freedom board is compatible with DC 5V and 3.3V power supply and features the KE16Z MCU, a device extending the main capabilities of the KE MCU series, but with smaller memory footprint options for broad scalability. In addition, the onboard interfaces include an RGB LED, a 6-axis digital sensor, a 3-axis digital angular rate gyroscope, a temperature sensor and the CAN control and Touch Sensing interfaces supported by the KE MCU series.

Freedom Development Platform for 48MHz KE1xZ64/32 MCUs

For more information about the KE1xZ MCU family, click here.  

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