MEasy HMI QT Demo on i.MX6UL/6ULL MYD-Y6ULX Development Board

Video created by Linda Zhang on Aug 2, 2018

    The MEasy HMI developed by MYIR is a set of human-machine interfaces which contains a local HMI based on QT5 and a Web HMI based on Python2 back-end and HTML5 front-end. It runs on development boards with LCD, touch panel, Ethernet and so on. The dependency software includes dbus, connman and QT5 applications, python, tornado and other components.


    The video gives a demonstration on how to use the examples in MEasy HMI on MYIR's MYD-Y6ULX development board. It also applies to MYIR's MYS-6ULX Single Board Computer.


    MEasy HMI

    MEasy HMI Block Diagram


    MEasy HMI Framework