Timesys LinuxLink for Advantech RISC Platforms

Video created by Barnaba Accardi on Jul 28, 2017

    Timesys LinuxLink features easy-to-use development tools and engineering support, making it easy to manage the security and updates of your custom embedded Linux and securely implement firmware upgrades for your devices. LinuxLink benefits include: - Security and Update Notification — Receive security alerts and updates specific to your custom OS
    - Secure firmware upgrade — Use swupdate mechanism along with secure boot service to securely upgrade OTA
    - Easy Customization — Start your project using tested BSPs, select from 2000+ packages and libraries
    - SDK / IDE — Generate both Factory and Yocto BSPs and SDKs that are automatically recognized by Timesys’ TimeStorm IDE
    - Commercial Support — Get expert support for both Factory and Yocto build systems
    - Choice of Build System — Timesys Factory or Yocto Project


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