Check out the Kinetis based Drone at Freescale Technology Forum 2015!

Video created by Mohit Kedia Employee on Jun 19, 2015

    Hey All,

    Check out the unboxing video for UAV Drone designed using Kinetis V series MCUs to be showcased in Freescale Technology Forum 2015 at booth 249.


    The Kinetis V series 32-bit MCUs are based on ARM Cortex M cores and specially designed to enable motor control and power conversion applications. Please visit Kinetis V Series Webpage for more information.


    This drone is powered by Kinetis KV5x MCU (First Kinetis MCU with the latest ARM Cortex M7 Core). The Kinetis KV5x is used in Electronic Speed Control (ESC) unit and a single Kinetis KV5x MCU chip is used to control 4 Brushless DC motors which typically is controlled by four 8 bit MCUs. Along with controlling four motors, the KV5x MCU has enough performance and peripheral headroom so that it can be used as a flight controller and communication interface with connectivity features such as CAN and Ethernet. Kinetis KV5x is ideal solution for industrial IOT with the applications such high performance motor control and power conversion and real time control. Please visit Kinetis KV5x Series Webpage for more information.


    There is another drone in the Analog section at Freescale Technology Forum based on Kinetis KV4x MCU (based on ARM Cortex M4 core) and Freescale GD3000 3-Phase Brushless DC Gate driver. The Kinetis KV4x MCU is used to control 4 Brushless DC motors and is the cost optimized version of Kinetis KV5x MCUs.


    Please check out the Kinetis based drone demo as well as other cool demos at Freescale Technology Forum.

    PS: I apologize for the quality of the video. Working on the better video and editing skills. 



    Mohit Kedia