• My own bootloader

    Hi, I have IMXRT1050-EVKB board with Hyperflash and I want to make my own TFTP bootloader. I am using SDK example "lwip_updecho_bm" as base project for my future bootloader. But I am not able to do jump from bootload...
    Peter Janco
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  • imx6ULL Custom Board booting from NAND flash

    Hi All, We hve a custom board based on the imx6ULL processor.  We are using u-boot and *not* a linux kernel, but an RTEMS kernel.  We have been using the JTAG interface to download and test the code.  ...
    Ian Caddy
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  • rt1052  tw9990 issue

    rt1052    Release Name: MCUXpresso Software Development Kit (SDK) Release Version: 2.4.2   I have done below procedure: 1, tw9990 i2c driver work fine, and config to ccir565 mode. 2, data pin[0:7], pclk...
    huang peter
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  • Use FRDM-KL25Z as a debug probe.

    Thank you for your help.   It cut J11 as shown in the FRDM-KL25Z user's manual and connected to SWDCLK and SWDDIO of the MCU outside the board. The external MCU is MKM14Z64ACHH5. If you set the debugger to PE-m...
    jun yamada
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  • Peripheral not visible in configuration tool

    MCU: LPC54616J512BD100 IDE: MCUXpresso IDE v10.1.1 [Build 606] [2018-01-02] SDK: all peripherals and function enable   Problem: In configuration tool -> Peripherals only few peripherals are available (see...
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  • LIN master stops transmission when no respose

    Dear,    I am trying use KEAZN64 as LIN master node and I used FSL_LIN_2.x_STACK_Package_4.5.9 to generate LIN code. The communication was correct when slave node responded rx frame. But if a rx frame sent...
    Xiao Yang
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  • CAN communicate one time but on second time not

    I am trying to communicate with CAN to another module. One time I got it, but when i send another time it stays in loop in txComplete = false. I don´t know what is wrong in my software. In KDS I got it doing 3 o...
    Alexandre V.D.P.
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  • UART TXDATA last byte missing

    Data from UART is missing last byte using the following code snippet.      rs485_tx_mode();                  ...
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  • DDR3 ODT signal with I.MX6 processors

    Hello On Sabre ref. design i see pull-down resistors (10K) on few DDR3 lines like ODT and RESET. Are they needed? I have never seen those on ISSI and Micron datasheet. IMHO IMX6 ODT pin should be connected with DDR3 ...
    Massimo Romano
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  • Video streaming with v4l2 and gstreamer not working

    Hello, I have trouble getting video streaming running on my i.M8m EVK board.   Image used: fsl-image-qt5-validation-imx (Kernel 4.9.123) I tested functionality using following command (which is working on anot...
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  • SSI-AC97 with wm9713 makes double size record file

    I'm using a iMX6q processor and the SSI for interfacing a WM9713 codec on ac97-slave mode. Playback works fine. Record operation makes double size record file and It takes double seconds to play. I guess this case fol...
    gi hwa shin
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  • K61_256BGA_120MHz_150MHz.bsdl BSDL file for the 32 bit Kinetis K61 (MK61FN1MOVMJ12).

    I'm using the K61_256BGA_120MHz_150MHz.bsdl BSDL file for the 32 bit Kinetis K61 (P/N MK61FN1MOVMJ12).. There is no Boundary Scan cell to drive DDR_CK_  on pin A10.  There is a Boundary Scan cell on DDR_CK o...
    Terry Walton
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  • IMX6 dek_blob values

    Where did the DEK address (0x10800000) and Output Address (0x10801000) came from? I saw many examples but nobody explained where these values came from.   dek_blob <DEK address> <Output Address> <...
    Omar Aberkan
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  • We need fast boot in my i.MX6 Quad based medical tablet application. Can you tell me if 256MB NOR FLASH (MT25QL02GCBB8E12-0SIT) in QSPI mode is suitable for fast boot? or we have to use NAND flash to achieve Fast Boot in my application?

    Hi   We need fast boot in my i.MX6 Quad based medical tablet application. Can you tell me if 256MB NOR FLASH (MT25QL02GCBB8E12-0SIT) in QSPI mode is suitable for fast boot? or we have to use NAND flash to achiev...
    Sagar Kumar
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  • Reset requirement for IMX7D

    Our HWPA team raised an issue that the POR_B(ResetBMCU) from PF3000 to IMX7 is deasserted before the external clock (32k/24MHz) stable. They think it is better to be deasserted after the clock source is stable but I d...
    Franky Hsu
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  • imx6solox无法启动

    您好:    我们现在使用imx6solox的时候遇到了一些问题,能否麻烦您帮忙看看: CPU是MX6SOLOX的MCIMX6X4AVM08AB,19X19MM封装 系统设计为可配置Serial Downloader和Internal Boot。使用Internal Boot时,也可配置为SD卡、emmc、qspi启动。 现象为:1)配置为Serial Downloader时,USB线插到PC机上,PC端找不...
    jianming shi
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  • Does MCUXpresso work with Keil ULINK2 debug probe?

    We are using MCUXpresso v 10.2.1 with the MIMXRT1050-EVK board. We are trying to use a Keil ULINK2 probe connected to the JTAG/SW port J21. The Keil probe has firmware version 2.1 which is supposed to boot up as a CMS...
    michael bleecker
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  • Suggest to add reading function for ISER on LPCOpen

    Hi,   According to user manual of LPC11U6X and this post LPC11 - interrupts during IAP , SW needs to temporarily disable interrupt before using IAP calls. My idea is to (1) backup ISER0 (2) write ...
    Jeremy Hsiao
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  • RTC cant get snvs clock

    Hi, I want use RTC in Imx6ul, I disbled rtc in MCA and enabled in main processor: snvs_rtc {    status = "enabled"; };   snvs: snvs@020cc000 {    compatible = "fsl,sec-v4.0-mon...
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  • codewarrior install failure in windrvr6.inf with win10

    Snow Chen
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