• LPC55S69 USB host doesn't work

    LPC55S69 USB host doesn't work.   SW: SDK example(usb_host_msd_fatfs_bm). HW: LPC55S69-EVK   HW setting USB0 FS host is as below. Jumper J6 set to  FS. Jumper J7 closed. Connect P5 to power. Connect ...
    水金 陈
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  • Current Supply of MIMXRT1064-EVK

    Hi,   How much current can the MIMXRT1064-EVK supply over the Arduino Interface 3V3 pin, when the board is powered over the Debug USB port?   Best regards
    Pascal Häfliger
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  • FS6503 CAN Communication

    Hi,team   I am using FS6503, can communication can be normally used in debug mode, but can cannot communicate in operation mode. According to the operation manual, I configure CAN into operation mode, but I stil...
    张 舜毅
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  • How to store to DFlash/EFlash memory

    Hello, I am new to using the S32K146 board and I'm trying to store some data in the D-Flash memory. I have used the following code from the "Example_S32K144-Flash_RW_simple-S32DS12" example to erase a sector and prog...
    Jay Montague
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  • Lifetime of LPC54608

    Actually we are using LPC54608 Controller to interface 10 types of devices through serial ports. But the customer has asked me that, what is the lifetime of your major components in the product. In my routing pro...
    Avinash G
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  • ADC output distortion in LPC54608J512BD208

    Hi,    I have used LPC54608J512BD208 microcontroller in protection relay. The external input voltage is stepped down,superimposed on a 1.65V DC signal and fed to the ADC input of microcontroller. I am ...
    Prasanna Naik
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  • Programming question on FRDM-56F83000

          I create one project about FRDM-56F83000 (File-> New -> Project -> New Stationery Project, MC56F83789 -> MC56F83000-EVK -> C_Application), then compiling and programming are normal....
    Derek Xiang
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  • [JN-AN-1216] How long will the Coordinator keep the data before device request?

    Dear Sirs,   In [JN-AN-1216] "IoT Control bridge", how long will the Coordinator keep the data until the device polling for it? How to extend the period?   Thanks!
    alan lin
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  • [JN-AN-1220:JN5169] How to read the binding table?

    Dear Sirs,   If a end device has bound with a coordinator through ZGWUI. After power cycle the end device, how to read the binding information while end device power on?   Thanks! 
    alan lin
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  • JN5169 Data transmit  request-confirm time

    Hi,  I am trying to measure the time interval between a data request and a data confirmation in a single transmitting device but I am not 100 %  sure my time class is correct or even if this can s...
    Alberto Gallegos
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  • L2FWD Pktgen issue

    Hello dear,   I'm using LS1043ARDB and LS1046ARDB with LS1046 as a packet generator with pktgen application and LS1043 running L2FWD application. I use LSDK 19.09. My problem is that L2FWD is only working when I...
    Etienne Cordroc'h
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  • Why is meta-qt5 in imx-5.4-24-2.1.0 using master branch instead of  zeus

    Hi, we have started to port our Yocto BSP to the latest release imx-5.4.24-2.1.0 and have seen that the meta-qt5 layer points in the manifest to the master branch and not like the rest of the repos to the zeus branch...
    Mike Engel
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  • How to config Lin module as slave node base MCAL driver in S32K series board?

    Now I try to add lin slave node application base MCAL driver, but when I find lin configuration in EB tresos, it does not have item to assign master or slave node. And in MCAL driver, it only provide Lin_SendFrame() t...
    Thomas Thomas
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  • Download u-bootkernel to SD1 on the i.mx6ul EVK

    On i.MX6UL EVK board, it supports many boot device: SD Card(SD1) boot in main board, micro-SD card(SD2) boot in CPU board and others.... I can boot SD1 and SD2 on the i.MX6UL EVK. And mfgtool2 can download u-boot/ke...
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  • ADC problem

    I want to take samples from 3 ADC channels from QN9080DK board, but it seems that somehow their result are related to each other. I use the following codes and each time I recall these functions: ADC_CH_4, A...
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  • margin level

    hello,          what's the meaning of margin level ?          what's the meaning of read 1s? 
    kui wu
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  • RT1015 USB1 Download and LPUART1 Download

    Hi,   I am using RT1015 EVK, I found two condition.   Condition 1: If I connect USB1(J9) and set the switch to download mode, after power on LPUART1(J41) cannot upgrade.   Condition 2: If I do...
    Ken Su
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  • Docker On i.MX8MM With Ubuntu

    Biyong Sun
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  • Issue with S32 Design Studio for ARM 2.2 (Windows)

    I have installed S32DS-V2.2 (Windows) I set it to use my older (S32DS_ARM_v2018.R1) workspace and set it as a default workspace. However, when I tried to compile my projects with the new IDE, a message: ...
    David Gabbay
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  • Multiple & Repeated Icons on Toolbar of MCU Xpresso

    Hi, I have Updated my MCUXpresso to latest version - MCUXpresso IDE v11.1.0 [Build 3209] [2019-12-12].   The issue with IDE is irritating multiple and repeated on icons on toolbar.    Please do...
    last modified by ATHMESH NANDAKUMAR