• lpc 4337 Phase-shift PWM

    hi, Is it possible to do a phase shift pwm with SCT of lpc 4337 mcu? thanks
    vianney Fenart
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  • the size of ramdisk root filesystem is too large

    Hi guys, I am working with the board T2080RDB. I am using the operative system which is provided by NXP using Yocto Project and the sdk 2.0-1703. The size of fsl-image-core-t2080rdb-64b.rootfs.ext2.gz.u-boot is 3...
    andress jackson
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  • LPC54628 - putting global variables in BOARD_SDRAM

    Hi!   I'm trying to figure out how external BOARD_SDRAM works. I have seen the sdram example from SDK but probably it does not show how to solve my problem. In MCUXpresso settings I can choose destination where ...
    Mateusz Kiełbasa
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  • after install ath10k_pci module on ls1021a TWR Eva wlp1s0 scan fail

    I followed the LSDK 1906 and compile the kernel and installed the modules  I also install the firmware under /lib/firmware/ath10k root@localhost:/lib/firmware/ath10k/QCA6174/hw3.0# ls board-2.bin board.bin firm...
    Elias Bitbaker
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  • imx6q(E9_V3开发板)支持lvds屏显示异常

    hi all, 硬件平台:TQ E9_V3开发板 Linux version: 4.1.15 我现在使用i.mx6q的LVDS0接口来驱动9.46inch LVDS接口的LCD,24bit。   现象:静态界面显示色彩不对,播放视频时还会闪屏并出去其他杂色(见图片)   uboot command: => printenv mxcfb0 mxcfb0=video=mxcfb0:dev=ldb,...
    CC Dason
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  • PF3000/3001 + IMX6UL/6ULL reference design

    PF3000/3001 + IMX6UL/6ULL reference design
    W.h. Chen
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  • Why is the end device not to enter sleep mode?

    * Test environment : - JN5169 - SDK : JN-SW-4170, Build Number 1840- device :    Coordinator, base on JN-AN-1216-Zigbee-3-0-IoT-ControlBridge    end device,base on JN-AN-...
    qingshu zhuang
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  • What is the maximum amount of RAM supported by T4240RDB?

    From the User Guide I see this - Memory subsystem: • SDRAM • 3 DIMM slots, supports 2 GB per DIMM • Supports DDR3 1866 UDIMM/RDIMM   But on my actual board that I bought it came to me pre-pop...
    Elliot Black
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  • xen and jailhouse virtualization

    Hi      I am using i.mx8mq, from recent its BSP, it only supports jailhouse, do you think it is possible to run Android inside it? I want to run yocto+android together over i.mx8mq.    ...
    Weide Ding
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  • iMX6DL IPU 1080p green lines

    I have a program that will capture camera frames at 1080p UYVY, use the IPU to convert to YUV420.   I have noticed that if I have the IPU output 1080p, there are green lines in the image.  If I use the IPU ...
    Chris Roed
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  • Programming MIMXRT1060-EVT Board for AN12103

    Hi all,  I'm trying to use the MIMXRT1060-EVT board to run this  https://community.nxp.com/docs/DOC-342085 application note using the MT9M1114 to create a webcam.  However, I am running into is...
    Katie Bradford
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  • Not able to flash LPC54018 iot board from keil IDE

    I am using LPC54018 iot board and j-link debugger to flash it. I downloaded SDK for keil and rying to flash one of the demo projects but not able to flash.   I am able to detect j-link debugger and the target de...
    Rohit Kotak
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  • iMX6UL: Power-down counter Event

    How do we test iMX6UL power down counter event in Sec 58.5.3?   In uboot, we don't touch WDOG1_WMCR PDE bit. It stays 1 and expect CPU to reboot after 16 seconds but CPU does not boot.  Am I missing a...
    Prabhat Kumar
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  • kernel memory corruption in galcore under high load

    Hi everyone,   I am encoutering an issue with what I suspect is a galcore crash. For testing purposes, I put an i.MX6 QuadPlus under high load (CPU, VPU and GPU).  After a few seconds or minutes of this wor...
    Théo Bueno
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  • 'SCB_AIRCR' undeclared

    I tried to implement a software reset for my LPCXpresso54628 development board using MCUXpresso IDE V10.3.0. I am using this macro that I saw from one post: #define Reset()      (SCB_AIRCR =...
    Viet Nguyen
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  • I2C Issue with SDK V2.6 with FRDM-K64F

    I am currently developing an application with an I2C inertial sensor and using the supplied I2C module from SDK. However, very often the reading method "I2C_MasterReadBlocking()" gets stuck in the middle of the applic...
  • FreeRTOS LPSPI Example Project

    I recently downloaded the SDK v2.6 for the iMX RT1064 eval board (evkmimxrt1064).  The documentation file for FreeRTOS (Getting Started with MCUXpresso SDK and FreeRTOS OS.pdf) mentions in Table 1. List of Exampl...
    Nick Guzzardo
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  • jn5169  restart

    I have been developing jn5169 zigbee recently, using jn-an-1220 as an example.But I found that the program was restarted after running for a period of time. I didn't understand that the program was already running nor...
    xiansheng zhou
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  • MKL46Z I2C read

    Hi everyone,   I am using the MKL46Z processor and would like to understand how to properly read data using the I2C.   I have the following confusion: 1.  If I go from writing to the slave device to ...
    Neil Porven
    created by Neil Porven

    Hi everyone,   I have the following processor MC9S08GB32ACFUE  ON22A   XNDA  and I found that there is a  new maskset 4L11Y.  The reason I looked for an errata is that we are havin...
    Neil Porven
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