• QN908x PB00 GPIO input with digital XTAL?

    I'm having a lot of trouble getting PB00 to behave as expected.  I'm trying to set it up as a wakeup interrupt that's pulled down by an external device.   It always shows .8V or so and not a solid high or l...
    Jose Raffucci
    created by Jose Raffucci
  • Regard to the cdc endpoint in usb composite ( cdc + msd ) 

    Hello, I create the usb composite cdc msc project, and I'm going  to see usb_device_descriptor.c/.h, I don't understand that Bulk IN and Bulk OUT endpoint number is same in the endpoint descriptor of Data Interf...
    JingHuan Huang
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  • SysTick ISR preemption issue

    Hi all,   I am working on the K64 and added a PIT timer and system tick to the project.   I set the SysTick to trigger every 1ms with priority 0, and the PIT timer with priority 1. And the PriorityGroup is...
    昶煒 梁
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  • Unknown description in "i.MX 7Dual Applications Processor Reference Manual"

    Hi, Community   I am reading "i.MX 7Dual Applications Processor Reference Manual". There is the following description on page 1237. ----------------------------------------------------------- IOMUX co...
    Yuichi Takeda
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  • about PMIC_ON_REQ state

    Hello,Community   Does PMIC_ON_REQ continue to output a high state when the state transitions in order from 1 to 3 below?   1.VDD_SNVS_IN is always on, high is output from PMIC_ON_REQ, and Core power suppl...
  • IMX6UL asrc SAI clock source

    Hi, page 517 of the IMX6ULL reference manual it is stated that the clocks for the asrc filter can be provided by the Serial Audio Interface SAI (see image below). However the description of the Clock Source Regist...
    Manuel Bertran Alvarez
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  • S32K Flexcan can continuous send data

    I use S32K evb  to send can message;when I use can continuous send  like this question;   how to program to let Flexcan can continuous send data on s32ds.    if(FLEXCAN_DRV_GetTransferStatus...
    xia bin
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  • u-boot from code aurora fails to build

    Hi, I know that this exact question has already been asked and, partially, solved here: u-boot from code aurora fails to build  So, it's even more disappointing that after 6 months I had to re-ask the same ques...
    Andrea Tomassetti
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  • How to use bluez to connect the imx6dl controlled Bluetooth chip to mobile phone Bluetooth.

    hello       I want to use bluez to connect the imx6dl controlled Bluetooth chip to mobile phone Bluetooth.       My current Linux BSP version is&...
    weibin chi
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  • I2C CMSIS abort slave transfer

    Hi,   I'm having an issue when trying to use the kinetis SDK(2.6) CMSIS I2C in multimaster mode. The problem is that I can't cancel slave receive to start sending data in master mode.   So what I try to d...
    asd asd
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  • IMX6UL ethernet does work in u-boot but it doesn't with Kernel 4.1.15_2.0.0

    I use imx6ull-14x14-evk ,in uboot mode, it can ping host through eth0,but when start kernel, it can't ping host.The indicator light for the Ethernet interface is also not on.I refer to the  IMX6UL ethernet d...
    小飞 张
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  • rcu_bh_state detected stall and rcu_preempt_state detected stalls in Android 6.0.1 (MarshMallow)

    Hi, We are working in iMx6Q processor which runs on Android 6.0.1.(MarshMallow) and Linux Kernel version is 4.1.15. We are getting rcu_bh_state detected stall prints in dbug terminal while we run the processor for lo...
    Winston Jacob
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  • Cannot set pixel clock

    HI , we use i.mx8m to turn on lcd panel with sn65dsi84. when we set pixel clock to lvds , and we will see error message. How do we know that the pixel clock has support  on i.mx8m ? Thanks. [ [0;32m OK  ...
    hank wang
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  • S32K144 Driver vs PAL?

    What is the difference between the S32K "ADC Driver" and the "ADC PAL" (using the S32K144).  What would the criteria be to choose either?   Thanks, Al
    Alwin Lutz
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  • LPC55S69JBD100K Altium Symbol and Footprint

    Hello -    I'm looking for an Altium symbol and footprint for NXP part LPC55S69JBD100K.  Does NXP have an Altium symbol & footprint available for LPC55S69JBD100K?    Thank...
    Viet Vuong
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  • I am having problems loading flash on the LPC55S69 EVK how do I proceed if I see the cspycomm.log attached to this question.

    I have a LPC55S69 EVK and I can no longer download FW over the CMSIS DBG. I look in the log and I see this:   nov 20/11:12:34.060 INFO : Debug Log(warning): Error while calling macro execUserCoreConnect nov 20/1...
    Don Villalta
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  • LPC55S6x High-speed PHY

    Hi,   in the datasheet, for activating the high-speed PHY, it is mentioned the the 32k_osc should be activated. In the clock description section it is mentioned that this can be the FR32K or the XTAL32K. &#...
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  • Could not debug my new custom board

    I am trying to debug my code using my new custom board that has iMX RT1062 MCU on it and a 16 MB flash on it: IS25LP128F-JBLE.    I verified that my boot configuration is correct. I set it internal boo...
    Farid Mabrouk
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  • LPC55S69: how-to detect both edges for more than one GPIO pin by GINT0/1

    Hello !     I need to have ISR by multiple GPIO lines in ACTIVE, SLEEP and POWER DOWN modes. I would like to detect both edges and try to utilize both GINTx and include pin twice and configure GINT0 for dete...
    Eugene Hiihtaja
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  • EXAMPLE_GetRingBufferLengthEDMA in uart edma_rb_transfer example

    New uart driver example "edma_rb_transfer" in SDK2.6.0 has EXAMPLE_GetRingBufferLengthEDMA() implementation. Seems function will return wrong result if data length in rx ringbuffer will be same as ringbuffer size. E...
    Andrey Korol
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