• NTAG213 - Security Features

    Hello Community,   how easy would it be to copy the UID of a Tag and the NXP Signature of that UID and recreate the TAG?   I know that the higher NTAG products have more security like password or AES ...
    Julian Sauer
    created by Julian Sauer
  • Can PF1550 handle CC charge lower than 100 mA in WARM stage?

    I have a product with a PF1550. I want to charge the battery using constant current of 25 mA max for high temperatures.   In order to do that, I set a CC 100 mA charge limitation for the JEITA1 NORMAL ...
    Anthony Loiseau
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  • Unable to receive 802.15.4 beacon frame when coordinator in beacon mode

    I'm unable to receive 802.15.4 beacon frame when using beacon mode.   I have imported frdmkw41z_wireless_examples_ieee_802_15_4_mwa_coordinator_freertos as a coordinator and frdmkw41z_wireless_examples_ieee...
    Paweł Górski
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  • Finding mismatched parens?

    I am using MCUXpresso 11.1 with a Kinetis K60.  I have a program that has one file of 2300 lines generated by another programmer, and several folders full of files generated by MCUXpresso.  The compiler quit...
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  • IoT on K70?

    Is anyone aware of a project that implements a full IoT solution: client-to-server-to-client on a K70? Failing that, how about a stack that runs on a K70? The protocol should allow for encryption and/or authentication...
    Gary Lynch
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  • LS1012ARDB K22 Firmware

    Hello,   I'm creating a custom board based on the LS1012ARDB.  I will have the same MK22FX512, connected the same way as on the RDB.  Where can I find the binary (hex?) files for the bootloader and ap...
    Joel Clasquin
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  • PWM Timer on the Wireless UART example not working

    Hi,   I am usgin the QN9090DK.   I have followed the code in the pwn_output sample project to define my own PWM timer in the wireless_uart sample project. While the timer is operational in the pwn_output p...
    sharon urban
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  • Interrupt Issues in MC9S12XEG128MAL Models

    Hello MC9S12XEG128MAL MCU is used to measure frequency. A problem was found here. There is a problem that if you dial the interrupt to 4 channels at the same time, the channel does not operate normally. I'm looking f...
    Seok Kim
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  • LPC2294HBD144/01

    We are using this part (LPC2294HBD144/01) for our old designs from 2009 onwards. whether this part can be used for New designs.If this part is NRND,Please provide the similar part for our New Design which will be avai...
    last modified by SIVA KUMAR
  • [Busybox] This requires sched_{g,s}etparam support in your libc

    Hi,   I am trying to add chrt binary to my system, this chrt is under linux system utility of the busybox menu. I did successfully install this binary into my image but when I perform command of chrt it sho...
    Elias Bitbaker
    created by Elias Bitbaker
  • 500瓦电源方案问题

    你好! 目前我们公司使用TEA19161和TEA19162设计了一款500W电源。现状是输出为稳定电压,但电压值比设计值要高。通过看波形发现TL431的ref脚并非2.5V,而是一直处于震荡状态,且震荡中心值(波形中的直线)不足2.5V。请问可能的原因有哪些?
    baokang li
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  • MK60DN512  spi 发送8位数据后,会跟随发送一位1,为什么

    MK60DN512  spi 发送8位数据后,会跟随发送一位1,为什么 下图是我发送  0x00,0x00,0x00,0x0e 四个数据后示波器采集到的波形      
    shuhai mao
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  • MPC5748G CAN FD receive error

    Hi ,   Now,I am debugging the CAN-FD. The CAN_FD Tx is working ok now,while the rx has some problem.  I am using the can_0 MB[0] to transmit the message, while use the MB[1] to receive the message and ...
    yuan mengmeng
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  • JTAG test issue on Vybrid MVF50NS151CMK40

    Hello,   I made a boundaryscan project for a board with a Vybrid module MVF50NS151CMK40 using the "Cascon" tools from Göpel electronic. I have a bad answer when I read the ID register: Cascon tools reads 01...
    Luc Dalongeville
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  • How to correctly create SDK that contains FreeRTOS

    I'm a newbie as regards micro-controller programming and what I really want to learn is to use FreeRTOS on a microcontroller. To begin with I have installed the MCUXpresso IDE (11.1)  and using the MCUXpresso S...
    Ed Sewell
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  • Bad UDP behavior after migrating fsl_enet from 2.2.4 to 2.2.5 version

    Good morning,   We have a UDP/IP stack code that has started to misbehave on a K64 after migrating fsl_enet driver from 2.2.4 to 2.2.5 version. This is the result of updating SDK from version 2.6 to 2.7. We have...
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  • CCCSClient::ResetToDebug: Network timeout

    We are using USB TAP (900-75116; REV A; 01001362) to debug (via CodeWarrior) and to program (via 56800E Flash programmer) our target DSP 56F8355. CodeWarrior IDE version is 5.9.0 (build 4713) on Windows XP.   Un...
    Laurent Pineau
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  • ADC configuration for LPC54616J512.

    Hi, I have successfully tested "lpc_adc_basic" sdk example for reading adc values on lpcXpresso54608 development board and its working. I downloaded the sdk for LPC54616J512 and then started a new project for reading ...
    prathik sargar
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  • PN7462 DoorAccess Example with NULLRTOS

    Hi We have just started experimenting with PN7462 using NXP's development. We have tried the Basic Discovery Loop example and successfully build it with NULL_OS option.   The door access example seems to be the...
    Shoaib Ali
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  • Problem with MMA8451 accelerometer

    Hello, this is my first post here, so sorry if there are any problems with my post.   I'm writing a program using the MMA8451 accelerometer on my KL46Z board, using MCUXpresso, and I'm running into some problems...
    Iván Carello
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