• Unable to write to COP

    Hi,   I am trying to implement a watchdog timer in my code, and I think the register is being addressed before I use the init function, but I can not find where.  I was able to find the disable in the syste...
    Evan Griffith
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  • SJA1105 Support Hairpin Mode

    Can anyone from NXP advise whether the SJ1105 Ethernet switch supports "hairpin" / VEPA mode?   This is helpful for some modes of macvlan networking, which you can see in the VEPA diagram here: Introduction...
    K L
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  • LPC55S6x/S2x/2x DMA request source - SPI?

    Looking at the LPC55S6x/LPC55S2x/LPC552x User manual (Rev. 1.9 — 15 November 2019). For each DMA channel, the dedicated DMA request sources are shown in Tables 408 and 409. These tables are a bit confusing, for...
    Dave Nadler
    created by Dave Nadler
  • Notification of internally generated FB_TA?

    I am using the Flexbus on a k64 to communicate with an FPGA. I am using the FB_TA signal as the primary way to terminate transactions but I do have autoAcknowledge enabled and waitStates set to 63 as sort of a fallbac...
    Larry York
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  • [JN5169 with DR1174 carrier board] The usage of SPI interface?

    Dear Sirs,   I tried to Read the Status Register (RDSR) of the SPI flash on DR1174 carrier board. (In order to try the SPI interface, I did not use the flash memory API) However, I can not get the correct resp...
    alan lin
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  • PMSM Motor Parameter Measurement -> JScript Error?

    cliHello,   I am in the process of doing some fine tuning on some custom hardware and motors.  Sometime back I had used the Motor parameters measurment utility in the MCAT pmsm_ref_sol.pmp application from ...
    Frank Roberts
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  • How can Silicon Versions of PF8100 be Identified?

    There are many different silicon versions of the PF8100 PMIC available. How can we identify whether our MC34PF8100A0EP has the revision C1 or an older one? Can the marking or date code on the chip be used fo...
    Peter Lischer
    created by Peter Lischer

    Hi,   According to the manual of MCP5777C the PLLCFG0, 1 and 2 are all input only signals (Table 3-4. IBE always ON signals (continued)): PLLCFG02 I 208 PLLCFG12 I 209 PLLCFG2 I 210   But if I look at the...
    Mathias Edman
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  • SDRAM test fails when executing from SDRAM...

    Hi, I am currently using the MIMXRT1060-EVK.  I have an application that I can build to run XIP from QSPI-nor or it can boot out of QSPI-nor and transfer itself to SDRAM and run.  The application resides in ...
    Ed Sutter
    created by Ed Sutter
  • Troubleshooting: Activation fails with error message FNP ERROR 0

    If you receive the following error message following an attempt to activate S32 Design Studio, this is a known issue and we have a solution.     This issue is due to a recent event. On October 1st, 2019, Fl...
    Mike Doidge
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  • PIL simulation - multiple target patterns issue in generated makefile

    Hi,    I'm using the latest S32K MBD Toolbox with the latest patch available (NXP_MBDToolbox_S32K1xx_4.1.0_patch_2.exe ). I'm trying to run a PIL simulation of a referenced model configured with Top m...
    Nicolas Salazar
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  • No response from OV5640

    Hello, I am making a program that uses MINISASTOCSI (OV5640) and cortex-M4 to communicate by I2C with iMX8MminiEVK. However, I cannot confirm the response from the I2C camera. The I2C driver uses MCUexpressoSDK (SDK_2...
    Tetsuya Sugiyama
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  • iMX8M Mini / IoT Core: power management support?

    Greetings, we're evaluating power management capabilities of NXP's Windows 10 IoT Core BSP for iMX8 Mini EVK (W1860_1_0_1_IMX-IOTCORE-B191011). Power management is claimed to be supported, but powercfg reports on...
    Gennady Kuznetsov
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  • Digest Operations using SE050

    Hi Guys,   I have an input string say 1000 chars long and I'd like to generate a hash value for it. I initially used the DigestOneShot function by sending in the input string by chaining them. Unfortunately ther...
  • How to program  MKV31F512-LL flash 1 block

    Hello, I try to program the MKV31F512-LL flash by SWD, and now the first 128 sectors(in flash 0 block) could program success, but the 128~256 sectors could not program yet, I could not find any information in referen...
    li shirley
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  • SJA1105Q

    we are currently designing the SJA1105QEL Scheme, please help us to see if the attached scheme is feasible, thank you
    huan liu
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  • MKL27Z256VLH4 can not switch  from Run to Vlpr

    I use MKL27Z256VLH4 to implement bootloader(range 0-32K) + application(range 32K-256K)  scenario.   For bootloader, I modify it base on example AN4764SW_Freescale_HID_Bootloader_r10 it's functions inc...
    song liu
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  • How can I use the CLRC663 chip to read HID iClass tags

    We are using the CLRC663 chip in an RFID reader design and we have used the provided NXP driver library to successfully read MIFARE and ISO15693 cards, but we also wish to read HID iClass tags, is it possible to do th...
    Martin Howell
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  • Passive UHF RFID Tag (SL3S4011) UCODE I²C

    Hi, I am in search of Passive RFID tag which operates at UHF band with internal / external temperature sense feature.   In datasheet of SL3S4011 it is mentioned as,    For I2C operation, the UCO...
    Rohith K
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  • nvt4857uk datasheet

    Looking at the NVT4857UK datasheet I'm missing timing specifications for anything else except 1.2 -> 1.8. I'd like to verify timing for a usage case with vcca=1.8 and vccb=3.3 as well as vccb=1.8   Further I...
    robert larice
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