• T2080 CGA_PLL1_RAT

    We are running SYSCLK at 100MHz. We are using PLL1 to drive the FMAN. We use Processor Expert to create the RCW. In the past I have been able to set CGA_PLL1_RAT to 7:1. But now it appears I cannot set it lower than 8...
    Scott Gerhold
    created by Scott Gerhold
  • S32K116 ADC: which registers to save in flash to restore self-calibration

    Hi,   We are currently using the S32K116 MCU and its ADC in one of our project. We are trying to understand how to deal with the ADC self-calibration and saving the relevant information to flash in order to bypa...
    Nicolas Godbillon
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  • How to Transmit CAN messages in MB1 and MB2

    Hi, For transmitting messages in MB0 we have, CAN0->RAMn[ 0*MSG_BUF_SIZE + 0] = 0x0C400000 | 8 <<CAN_WMBn_CS_DLC_SHIFT;   What all are the changes i supposed to make it to send messages in MB1 and MB2...
    Mansoor Basheer
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  • PTN36043 USB 3.1 MUX / RETIMER  - Is it OK to swap the plus and minus pins on the input and output to facilitate routing?

    #PTN36043 USB 3.1 MUX / RETIMER  - Is it OK to swap the plus and minus pins on the input and output to facilitate routing as with simple MUX ICs or does the Retimer require the polarity to be correct?  ...
    Donald Russ
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  • Bus Error ZPS_eAplAfInit()

    Has anyone experienced this situation, ZPS_eAplAfInit() causing Buss error:   !!! Bus error u32PICMR = 0 : u32PICSR = 8008 u32PICMSR = 0 : u32IPMR = 0 u32IHPR = c : u32AINT = 8008 u32PINT 0 EPCR = a0819 : E...
    Christopher Veeneman
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  • The program of Bluetooth distance measurement by using TOF method and kw36

    Hi Now I am using the kw36 development board to participate in a Bluetooth Car project. I want to use Bluetooth to measure the distance between two boards. If I don't want to use the RSSI attenuation formula of field...
    Liu X.P. Liu
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  • getting Instruction error when build JN5168 zigbee endpoint application

    Dear Sir,   I am facing a typical problem while working on JN5168 module. I a using NXP base device examples for testing ZIGBEE, i have build applications one as coordinator and other as Endpoint. First i have ...
    Ravi Kumar V
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  • Set the duty cycle

    In McDrv_pwm3ph_ftm.c in bldc_ref_sol, there is a MCDRV_FtmSetDutyCycle function, which I'm not sure about the duty cycle Settings.   i16Duty = MLIB_Mul_F16((i16InpDuty), (this->ui16PwmModulo) / 4); i16Firs...
    相国 尹
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  • FlexSPI AHB Write Questions

    I'm trying to get the FlexSPI to be handled via hardware/AHB on my i.MX RT 1064. I'm using IS25LP064A - same as on the eval board. I'm trying to use it simply as external flash. I don't think this can be done complete...
    Barrett Lowe
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  • imx8: pyeiq facial detection & face eye detection not working with live camera(v4l2, ov5640)

    pyeiq facial detection & face eye detection working fine with USB cam but same is not working on nxp ov5640 camera on imx8mq evk (5.4.24 bsp) target. Streaming is fine but false detection happening with wrong mark...
    vipul Suneja
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  • how to handle nested interrupt (interrupt within an interrupt) in S32K144

    for my project i'm reading I2C data with I2C_master_interrupt. i am also having port interrupt configured. i've also taken care of the priorities of both the interrupts. still whenever the execution is in port interru...
    shivam chudasama
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  • Yocto imx8m tensorflow-lite

    I would like to build C++ code and use tensorflow as a library. What do I have to ad to the Yocto image recipe to have header and required libs in SDK?  For the rootfs it seems that IMAGE_INSTALL += "...
    Arno Steffens
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  • GYRO and GSM driver integration for IMX8QM-MEK Arm Cortex M4 Platform

    Hi All,   Is there any available source code for GYRO sensor and GSM  for Arm Cortex-M4 core for IMX8QM-MEK platform.     Thanks & Regards, Vinoth S,
    vinothkumar s
    created by vinothkumar s
  • Download to EVK 1170

    Hello, I have this issue with nxp board EVK 1170 using IAR IDE to program it. When debugging my code I got a crash but I could not download anymore the program inside the card since the error was rectified. It ends ...
    Cedric NOUKPO
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  • The results I get using GPU (UMAT) are worse than on CPU(MAT)

    I'm trying to compare the performance of OpeCV algorithms on CPU and on GPU using OpenCL capabilities on the IMX8M.The results I get using GPU (UMAT) are worse than on CPU(MAT). I was checking the gputop and top ...
    Boris Schwartzer
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  • Booting sequence of IMX8QM-MEK

    Dear NXP,   Will you please give me the short notes for booting sequence of IMX8QM-MEK with Arm Cortex-M4.   Some times resources (Display and Camera)  are occupied by Arm Cortex-M4     ...
    vinothkumar s
    created by vinothkumar s
  • Failed to upgrade with update.zip

    We're running on IMX8mini, Android9.0, 8G EMMC, flash partition with partition-table-7GB.img, and I can build out the OTA file, update.zip.   And I've verified this .zip file with update_device.py scri...
    Yang Songxiang
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  • RT1011重新分配RAM会死机

    程序需要更新AN12077_Using the i.MX RT FlexRAM.pdf 修改内存,DTCM=96 OCRAM =32 ITCM = 0, 进入SystemInit之前在startup_MIMXRT1011.s中添加如下代码,程序会死机 芯片会锁死,需要使用j-link工具解锁 ;remap tcm LDR R0, =0x400AC044 ;GPR17 LDR R1, =0x0000007F ;config ...
    k xw
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  • How to Use I.MX RT1052 ROM API?

    I'm trying to use bootloader API built in to I.MX RT1052 chip, but failed to find those srtuct definitions. Where can I get those infomation? thx.
    Chekhov Mark
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  • LPC54628: how to run code from SPI FLASH?

    We used the LPC54628 microcontroller in our project, currently, at the initial stage, we are finalizing the software and hardware requirements. The basic firmware size (which contains RTOS, 3rd party stack, libra...
    last modified by jbhoi@slscorp.com