• Fluctuations of ADC output for a constant DC input

    Hi,   I am using LPC54608J512BD208 microcontroller to design a Protection Relay. I am using ADC in software triggered mode. I run a CTIMER to get an interrupt after every 625 microsecond. On reception of CTIMER ...
    Prasanna Naik
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  • ADC output fluctuation in LPC54608J512BD208 microcontroller

    Hi, I am using LPC54608J512BD208 microcontroller in an application. The ADC accuracy is crucial as the product is used in a Power protection segment. I am getting fluctuations in ADC output with constant DC input. ...
    Prasanna Naik
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  • Does S12ZVMx Toolbox supports Matlab 2017a?

    Hi,   Customer reports that S12ZVMx Toolbox v1.3 is not compatible with Matlab 2017a. S12ZVM toolbox cannot be found in Simulink toolbox library. Would you please help to confirm if s12zvm toolbox could work on ...
    Tony Zhang (auto)
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  • The Secure boot with imx28

    Hi All   I want to enable the imx28 encrypted boot function,not the HAB.I need to enable it in WINCE6.0 platform.I know there is no existing example at present.However,are there any documents and tools for this ...
    xing liu
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  • TLS connection fails waiting for bytes after change cipher spec

    I'm using MCUXpresso IDE 11.1.1, MCUXpresso SDK 2.6.2, mbedTLS 2.13.1, and lwIP2.12. I started with the example program, lwip_httpscli_mbedtls_freertos. We're not using a client-side certificate, so I've eliminated th...
    Jeffery Thompson
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  • FECx and ENETx on iMX6ULL

    Hi,   I'm working on a project where we have iMX6ULL processor and I'm trying to get Ethernet working. My question is about FEC blocks and ENET signals. Can I connect ENET1 signals to FEC2 controller (in Devic...
    Jari Peltonen
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  • MBD based stateflow timestep problem

    hello I have a question when i use the stateflow in the MPC5744P_MBD. I want to use stateflow to do some pin voltage-level changes for some communication, But when i do a simple test, every index++ in simulink-st...
    hao xue
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  • How to read Tag data using PN7150?

    Hello NXP,   I am working with PN7150 NFC Controller to read/write ICODE Tags. I am able to read UID but I am finding it difficult to read the Tag data.   Would it be possible to provide I2C com...
  • CTIMER DMA requests/triggers, pacing the transfers

    I got a DMA0 channel to successfully trigger from a CTIMER0 trigger source. The setup is as follows (using a custom board, not EVAL):   1. CTIMER0 with match1, with a capture input as source (10 MHz clock). Also...
    Hemanth M
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  • i.MX8MQ is hanging in busfreq-imx8mq.c driver

    Hi NXP Team,   We are trying to port the i.MX8MQ custom board to Linux kernel 5.4.3. We are using the 5.4.3 kernel provided by the NXP team.   Please note that on the same board, previous version 4.7 is wo...
    Harshit Shah
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  • I.MX8M MIPI-CSI2 voltage level

    Hi ALL,   We are using I.MX8M in one of our solutions in which we are utilizing MIPI-CSI2 for acquiring CMOS Sensor Signals .    In the CMOS sensor datasheet, it is mentioned that VDD_MIPI is ...
    wei shi
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  • Multiple & Repeated Icons on Toolbar of MCU Xpresso

    Hi, I have Updated my MCUXpresso to latest version - MCUXpresso IDE v11.1.0 [Build 3209] [2019-12-12].   The issue with IDE is irritating multiple and repeated on icons on toolbar.    Please do...
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  • Output a kHz range clock through a GPIO?

    Hi I'm trying to output a 4 kHz 50% duty cycle square waveform through a GPIO. What is the simplest way of doing that?  It doesn't need to be exactly 4 kHz. I accept some tolerance around the target.&...
    Andre Luis Vilas Boas
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  • S12ZVML MINIBRD error 0x80000103

    Getting an error while trying to run S12ZVM_FOC_SENSORLESS on MINIBRD . Please find the attached error screen .   Regards, Basil 
    Basil Mathew Tharian
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  • Include not found in MCUXpresso

    Good morning I have the MCUXpresso showing these marking as unresolved inclusion. It seems the system include files are not reachable.     The project directory includes are added and for local include ...
    Pietro di Castri
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  • Where could find demo code based on single-shunt for S12ZVM-EFP?

    There are three current sampling methods whichusesshunts in inverter legs as current sensors,tri-shunt,dual-shuntandsingle-shunt. S12ZVM-EFP supportsdual-shunt and single-shunt. There are two demo projects, one is for...
    Peter Shi
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  • How To Use Clocks Config Tool?

    Hı ı am working on imxrt 1052 in MCUXpresso11.1.1. I tried to change clock settings in source files and config tool but ı could not. How can USDHC1 set as in example?
  • DDR: Failed to read SPD from address 81 [t1042]

    Hello nxp;   My custom design has a serious DDR problem, I have 16 GB total amount of Physical ram on design. Corresponding U-boot log (taken with Code Warrior -> Connect -> Debug session).   I ...
    Yusuf Altıparmak
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  • ls1043  support 4G DDR

    Our own board uses the ls1043 chip, the lsdk version is 2004, and the sdk supports 2G by default DDR, I want to know how to support 4G DDR, how to modify ATF and uboot, and whether there is a patch.
    wu bo
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  • Is git://git.freescale.com down ?

    Hi,   I'm working on QorIQ T1024 (SDK-V2.0). Since this morning around 11h00 CEST time the url git://git.freescale.com/ppc/sdk/u-boot.git seems dead.    Is it normal and if so can anybody give me...
    Renaud De Koninck
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