• IMX8QM-MEK Power Management difference between Linux and Android

    Dear NXP,   I got observation when I try to send  suspend-to-ram command ( echo mem > /sys/power/state ) from Android and Linux   Suspend to Ram in Android OS,       ...
    vinothkumar s
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  • Differences of watchdog peripherals

    Hi i.MXRT experts,   according to the fact-sheet https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/fact-sheet/IMXRTPORTFS.pdf, the i.MXRT devices have four watchdogs. (In the datasheets for the i.MXRT1010 and i.MXRT1050 I only f...
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  • Questions about the IAR Eclipse Plug-in in S32DS

    Hi,team            I compared the running status of the same piece of code in the S32DS environment with and without IAR plug-in. The running status of this piece of ...
    张 舜毅
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  • error: 'fma' is not a member of 'std'

    Hi,   I am using S32 Design Studio toolchain for S32K based project. I am seeing following error when I started using the toolchain with latest Design Studio v2.2 (GCC v6.3). But I haven't seen this issue with&...
  • 9 bit UART and DMA

    Hi everyone,   I'm developing a project based on K66, using MCUXpresso 11.2.0 and SDK 2.6.   I have to implement a serial protocol that uses 9 bit data length (with the ninth bit acting as address mar...
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  • CMSIS-DAP driver update for EVK1064

    Hi, All My MIMXRT1064-EVK suddenly stopped working, cannot debug or anything, the device manager shows driver like below, i wonder how can i get it updated, the serial driver is working, it does appear to be a virtua...
    Ping Wang
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  • SRAM_OC overflow by adding WS8960 codec api

    Hello,   I want to add codec support to the host_msd_fatfs_bm for the imxrt 1010 example but when i compile witout changing anything, SRAM_OC overflow by 1.7K. why?
    claude-david gaudreault
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  • IMXRT1020 PMIC_ON_REQ without separate DCDC

    I am using a single 3.3V for Driving the IMXRT1020 power pins, because I do not need the power saving modes. So I do not need power sequencing and there is no need to turn on an external DCDC. How to connect "PMIC_O...
    Martin Kirstein
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  • MKW36 LVD interrupt

    hello,       I have a question about LVD for MKW36A512:       When I enable the interruption and disable the reset function of LVD, the decrease of VDD vol...
    luo liang
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  • Mimxrt1060-EVK and Zephyr's LED_blinky

    Hello everyone,    I am using the MiMXRT1060-EVK and am currently trying to flash Zephyr's LED_blinky example. I have been on the Zephyr thread and have seen some issues with this board and the LED_blinky. ...
    Prayrit Khanna
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  • Adding a sensor to Android but HAL doesn't seem to be initialized.

    I'm trying to add an Ambient Light Sensor to an imx8mq Android 10 project.   Steps so far: BoardConfig:   + BOARD_USE_SENSOR_FUSION := true   MyBoard.mk  +PRODUCT_PACKAGES += \   ...
  • Bus Error ZPS_eAplAfInit()

    Has anyone experienced this situation, ZPS_eAplAfInit() causing Buss error:   !!! Bus error u32PICMR = 0 : u32PICSR = 8008 u32PICMSR = 0 : u32IPMR = 0 u32IHPR = c : u32AINT = 8008 u32PINT 0 EPCR = a0819 : E...
    Christopher Veeneman
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  • i.MX RT1020 crystal stability

    Hi, I need the specifications for crystal frequency stability and tolerance in order to make all periphery run without problems. This is not specified in the datasheet.
    Martin Kirstein
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  • SDRAM Bootable Image

    Is there an example/ guide available for an SDRAM bootable image on the RT1052?   I have tried to convert one of the SDK sample project into SDRAM bootable image but unable to boot from flash   SDK exampl...
    James Moore
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  • K64 Internal Flash Erase Error

    Hi,   I am writing my application data to internal flash for FRDM-K64. My data is 8 byte aligned. I was getting fault while erasing the sector and later on I find that I should disable all IRQ before flash oper...
    Darshan Shah
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  • PCA9420 - general questions

    HelloTeam,   My customer has the following inquiries, could you please comment them see below, Thanks.   1. There is any way to receive different default settings (from the factory) such as Buck1 to b...
    Shai Berman
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  • Implementing My Own Algorithm on MC 33771b Evaluation Board

    Hello everyone,   We are trying to earn experience on BMS and looking for a hardware system that can be programmable. MC 33771b looks like a super candidate for that. But We did not become sure whether we can im...
    Yusuf Selim KARATAS
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  • CNTPCT_EL0 (Physical Timer counter) always reads '0' after power up

    I am using ARMV8 processor. I am trying to read the Physical timer counter CNTPCT_EL0 (read system timer ticks) for the purpose of comparing timestamp between 2 instances in the code.   However when i read the r...
    Ramakrishnan Murthy
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  • SL1 Authentication MiFare Plus with 7 bite UID

    Hi, everyone! I want to develop a Mifare Plus Card Reader with the CLRC663, i realized SL1 authentication  for 4 byte Mifare Plus cards. I used the authentication command imbedded into IC...
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  • MC9S08PT60  TSI Automatic Noise Mode

    MC9S08PT60  I am trying to configure TSI in auto noise mode to avoid EMI/EMC noise, but i am little bit confuse with parameters which need to be configure to avoid maximum noise. If there is any reference code o...
    Mehmet cosgun
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