• How to change QuadSPI configuration parameters

    Hello iMX7D engineer. I want to change the QuadSPI configuration parameters in the program. I think each parameter can be set in some register. Now I want to change the following parameters. I can't find a way ou...
    masaru kamimura
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  • connect LPC 4370 (link-2) using USB to ethernet adapter

    Hi all, I am working on a project dealing with transferring ADC data to PC, However the provided peripherals do not have the speed needed for transferring ADC data which in my case is 60MHz do you guys have any sugge...
    navid fanaee
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  • i.MX8 QuadMax Eval board option

    Hi,   The NXP's  MCIMX8QM-CPU,  i.MX8 Multisensory Enablement Kit is using iMX8 QuadMax processor :          i.MX 8QuadMax/QuadPlus Multisensory Enablement...
    Selcuk Kuzugudenli
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  • Using QSPI flash A1 for XIP and QSPI flash B1 for data storage

    I came across a few posts for using 2 QSPI devices like Can we use a XIP flash and a data flash at the same FlexSPI controller?  One of the replies mentioned XIP uses AHB while programming the flash uses IP...
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  • JN5169: MCPS  Synchronous Data Confirm

    According to the 2.6 User Guide, it is possible to have Synchronous Data Confirm (i.e. Return the results immediately, rather than the results being posted as a deferred confirm sometime later).   See Secti...
    Alberto Gallegos
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  • i.MX50 Video by iWave Systems

    Open video

    Alisha Perkins
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  • Problem about on-chip  temperature of  DEVKIT-MPC5744P

    Hello, When I ran the program in the DEVKIT-MPC5744P board , I tested the internal temperature of the chip with Tsens1 and refPMC1. it feels hot when I touch the surface of the chip. It reaches to 60 degrees in the ...
    hao xue
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  • External crystal fails and internal RC clock take places?

    We have adopted S12ZVC as the MCU in a recent controller project. When ESD test was conducted on the controller, the fixed cycle of the 'main' function seems to slow down, which is toggled by the RTI(real time interr...
    卢 正弘
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  • BareMetal or FreeRTOS: conflicting definitions?

    MCUXpresso 11.1 on Windows 10, Kinetis K64F, using CMSIS DSP. With MCUXpresso, I created a new FreeRTOS project. The generated .cproject contains the following definitions: FSL_RTOS_BM FSL_RTOS_FREE_RTOS SDK_OS_BAREM...
    Dave Nadler
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  • JN5169 Data transmit  request-confirm time

    Hi,  I am trying to measure the time interval between a data request and a data confirmation in a single transmitting device but I am not 100 %  sure my time class is correct or even if this can s...
    Alberto Gallegos
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  • Binary code does not run.

    Hi, I have my own LPC824 hardware working fine. I have developed with MCUXpresso 11.0.0 and I have experienced no problems, but when I generate binary to download it with an external bootloader it does not run. I atta...
    Alfredo Lopez
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  • differences between script files

    What is difference between linker script files cm33_ram, cm33_ram_ns ?
    Dennis Hicks
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  • P2041 Serdes PLL could not work correct

    I use P2041 with LANE H as SGMII and Lane E/F as PCIE-2. but when cpu bootup,I found SDRDS Register is as Follows: |---B0RSTCTL = 0x26474507. |---B1PLLCR0 = 0x0000000c. |---B1PLLCR1 = 0x08000100. it means that Serd...
    zhaoping yang
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  • Access to training videos offline

    Where can I download the videos linked from: "New/updated MCUXpresso tool training videos available" (18-May-2020), so that I can watch them offline? BTW I could not find any way to access the videos from my iPad! &#...
    Steve Adey
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  • Disable Interrupts and Enable Interrupts

    I am using MPC5748G micrcontroller. During executing some operations I want to disable interrupts and then want enable interrupts. Below is the code I that i am using for the same. Please let me know is this correct...
    Deepak Omanna
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  • imx8m mini evk reports wrong spi nor flash size mt25qu256 (16384 Kbytes)

    Using imx8mmevk 4.14.78 release and noticed when evk boots kernel reports: [    1.333714] fsl-flexspi 30bb0000.flexspi: mt25qu256 (16384 Kbytes)   .... which is only half of the SPI NOR's flash s...
    Brian Hutchinson
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  • LPC54628: Using LPCScrypt program loads but does't run

    Hi,  I am using LPCScrypt to flash the firmware into the LPC54628 board. Program (bootloader and application) loads successfully but doesn't run. So I have checked the memory content of flash using memDisplay co...
    jayesh bhoi
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  • Using latest mainline Linux kernel for QorIQ powerpc based boards

    Hi, Is it possible to compile and deploy the latest mainline kernels from kernel.org for  powerpc QorIQ based boards ?(T2080, T4240). Or do we have to use kernels from NXP SDK?
    Sedat Altun
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  • K32W CMET

    I study JN-AN-1242 The test item of CMET only lists Zigbee mode, so it is only suitable for testing Zigbee, not suitable for testing BLE and Thread ? We need CMET for BLE and thread. When can CMET add these two opti...
    Daniel Tseng
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  • I need help for MBD s32k package license activation

    Dear all,                  we are doing power train projects using FS32K144 for that i try to install S32K MATLAB tool box, i downloaded the "NXP_MBDToolbox_S32K1xx" and f...
    Rajadurai E
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