• lsdk20.04 cross compile setup

    Hi, I am using lsdk20.04 for my development. The userland I selected is Ubuntu.     From the lsdk20.04 user guide, section 3.2 components I found following information: Toolchain: gcc: Ubuntu/Li...
    Kai Wu
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  • S32K148 reset Led

    Hello, when i try to download my code in s32k148 card, i get this error :     and :    - the reset LED is turned ON     - the MCU is heating.     do...
    faress mansouri
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  • Periodic 32 kHz XTAL calibration in QN908x

    Many applications make use of 32 kHz clocks to keep tracking of real-time or to have a low power time reference for the system. Most of the systems might use a 32.768 kHz XTAL for this purpose. However, there might be...
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  • How to disconnect my project from the original SDK example?

    I started a project based on one of the KW36 BLE examples (frdmkw36_wireless_examples_bluetooth_lnc_freertos) and modified it to remove the lnc profile and add my own custom profile. Now when I update the SDK it pulls...
    Stephen Langstaff
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  • Unreadable figures in i.MX 8X RM PCIe chapter

    Hi,   Just to point-out that pictures in §19.2 PCIe chapter in i.MX 8DualX/8DualXPlus/8QuadXPlus Reference Manual (IMX8DQXPRM) - Rev 0, 05/2020 cannot be read as they are pictures rather than vector images....
    Etienne Alepins
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  • Example of flexspi_nor_config_t for GD25LX256

    I'm looking for an example of flexspi_nor_config_t  found in xip/evkbimxrt1050_flexspi_nor_config.c for GD25LX256 octal flash. What other changes do I need to make in McuXpresso IDE/Config? 1. flexspi_nor_confi...
    Eamonn Heffernan
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    I'm looking for MCUBOOT for RT685 - I saw on a previous post from mid-June (RT685 Bootloader Sample Code) that an example would be added to the next release of the SDK in July, however it's now mid-August and I haven'...
    Jonathan Georgino
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  • IMXRT LPSPI. How to reduce delay between FIFO transfers?

    Hi all,   I have to transmit a big data burst through LPSPI (76800 transfers, each transfer contains 4 9-bit packets). To get all data sent as fast as possible, I am writting in the FIFO as quick as possible (as...
    Juan Jose Vicente
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  • [i.mx RT1050/60] how to make sure device is in sleep mode while connecting WiFi using wifi_cli sdk example

    Board: evkbimxrt1050 + AW-NM191NF-uSD (NXP 8801 WiFi) Tool: MCUXpresso IDE SDK example: evkbimxrt1050_wifi_cli   Test purpose: Customer name: SUNION It's a customer requirement: when WiFi in sleep mode DTIM=1...
    Yao Feng
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  • i.MX RT1020 Arm core frequency

    Hello,   I have some questions on the Core frequency of the different versions of RT102x i.MX RT1020 Crossover Processors for Consumer Products, Rev. 1, 04/2019 Page 7 There are different frequencies from 400M...
    a2g a2g
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  • IMX RT1060 How to make a GUI application overlayed on a live video with graphics libraries included in SDK v2.7.0

    Hi,   I have MIMXRT1060-EVK and I am trying to build a GUI application overlayed on a video. Video is coming from live camera input as done in the SDK csi_rgb565 example. By the way I am using SDK_2_7_0_evkmimxr...
    Görkem Arpacı
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  • yocto support for deb or ipk packages

    My yocto build using L4.14.98 GA release is using a local.conf with the line:   PACKAGE_CLASSES ?= "package_rpm" According to the yocto manual you can also add "package_deb package_ipk" I need support for thes...
    David Vescovi
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  • MIFARE DESFire EV1/MF3ICD21 can't write in the card

    The main problem is that we can write the defective cards properly,seems that this cards are corrupted.   Our program know that there are a desfire card ,however it can not be possible to write in the card. ...
    xin ling
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  • Is it possible to flash MC56F8135 via LPT?

    I have no idea how to flash my MC56F8135 via LPT. Is it possible? I have only .elf file for MC56F8135.  I have PC with LP and JTAG DSP AXM-0337. I can't install CodeWarior, because it costs a lot. I...
    Cema Andreev
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  • How to handle the errors during making the MX8QMMEK yocto project?

    Hello,   I built the yocto image for my MX8QMMEK with “bitbake -k fsl-image-qt5-validation-imx" based on "imx-5.4.3-2.0.0.xml"  version. There were 4 failed tasks as following, how can i solve this pr...
    taotao wang
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  • How To Rotate 90 Degree Video For Display In I.MX8X

    Here According To Datasheet And Reference Manual The New Follower Of I.MX Series Processor I.MX8X Is Designed Without IPU Which Is Built-In In Previous Series I.MX6 Processor. My Questions Is How To Rotate 90 / 1...
    Bright Wang
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  • Not seeing Android Logo with imx6dl custom with android_p9.0.0_2.2.0

    Hi NXP,   I am using a android_p9.0.0_2.2.0 pre-built image, but I rebuilt the kernel + device tree, uboot for our custom board. The custom board is currently using kernel 4.9.11 Debian9. The code is portin...
    Chee Huey Pun
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  • do anyone know how this building problem occured?

    c:/nxp/mcuxpressoide_11.2.0_4120/ide/plugins/com.nxp.mcuxpresso.tools.win32_11.2.0.202001021529/tools/bin/../lib/gcc/arm-none-eabi/9.2.1/../../../../arm-none-eabi/bin/ld.exe: cannot find -lMIMXRT1021xxxxx_Project coll...
    Harry Liang
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  • Configuring PCOR and PSOR register in FRDMKL25Z board!

    Hello , I have a buzzer connected to PORTA , Pin 12 on the FRDM KL25Z board. ( GPIOA_PDDR = 0x1000) I can turn the Buzzer ON and OFF by writing GPIOA_PDOR=0X1000 and GPIOA_PDOR=0 respectively.   However ,I mod...
    Suma Rao
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  • Connecting Arduino Multifunction shield to FRDM KL25Z board!

    I need help in configuring the seven segment display on the multi function shield with the FRDM KL25Z board. I have soldered the pins of the shield to the FRDM board .   Thank you in advance.
    Suma Rao
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