• RT1020 - Fuse shadow registers

    Hi,   I just want to confirm some things regarding the OCOTP shadow registers please:   1. Can I just read and write to the OCOTP shadow registers (0x401F4400 - 0x401F46F0) at will, and the efuse...
    created by rshipman
  • UART / CAN Transfer examples

    Based on FRDM-K64 example I use UART and CANBUS in Transfer mode. In this examples (respectively frdmk64f_uart_interrupt_transfer and frdmk64f_flexcan_loopback_transfer), however, in callback only a few status  ...
    Fabio Benevento
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  • Want to understand FlexRay FIFO message ID filtering registers

    Hi, I am reading MPC 5748G microcontroller reference manual for FlexRay. I want to understand how to configure following given registers used for FlexRay FIFO message buffer configuration.   Receive FIFO Messag...
    Deepak Omanna
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  • The issues on "mmc0: cqhci: timeout for tag 0"

    Hi NXP teams    Recently We have a rather troublesome problem. After we flash the image of android Android P9.0.0_2.1.1_AUTO done,then  system boot up. Execute adb shell command,in the shell cmd,exec...
    yingjin yan
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  • IMX8M 支持SSD固态硬盘容量

    你好各位版主,关于IMX8M系列的产品,最大支持的SSD固态硬盘的容量是多少呢,是否支持2TBusb 接口的?usb 接口的和pci接口,SATA接口的应该是一样的吧,还是有区别的?我们是在linux系统下使用。期待你们的回复,谢谢!
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  • T2081 CPU frequency configuration

    We are facing an issue of wrong configuration of T2081 Processor and this issue is intermittent.   Whenever our custom board is powered ON the Processor configures itself with the RCW in the NOR flash....
    Abhijit Pethkar
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  • NTAG 424 DNA Personalization

    Hi,     We are considering the NTAG 424 DNA tags for a system we're building and really like the built in AES encryption (even though an asymmetric algorithm would have been even more useful)...
    Ulrik Andersen
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  • t1042 DDR3 memory lose data

    I have t1042 custom board. i use QCVS to check initialization data, and calibarate memory. it passed all memory write-read tests. But when i start dubugger memory does not work. I see my custom DEADBEE5 initial d...
    Valeriy Urmanov
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  • How can I use the CLRC663 chip to read HID iClass tags

    We are using the CLRC663 chip in an RFID reader design and we have used the provided NXP driver library to successfully read MIFARE and ISO15693 cards, but we also wish to read HID iClass tags, is it possible to do th...
    Martin Howell
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  • Programming the MPC8360

    Good Day, We are migrating from the MPC8260 Processor to the MPC8360. On the MPC8260 we pull the RSTCONF_ pin low to place the the Processor in defualt config to allow configuration.    Is there in Pin/ si...
    Hendrik Bence
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  • Error in Programming Demo Example in OM13098

    Hello ,   I am using the OM13098 LPC54628 development board. I tried using one of the PWM demo driver "lpcxpresso54628_sctimer_pwm_with_dutycyle_change"   I get frequent problem in downloading the binary ...
    Hemanth S
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  • With MPC5676R, Optimization() function has malfunction

    Hi, I'm using MPC5676R with trace32,    The example code "XPC567XRKIT-PinToggleStationery-V0_7" has optimization.c and optimization.h files.  when OPTIMIZATIONS_ON = 1 , Optimizations() function will ...
    jaehak kim
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  • Question about VCOFRQ setting in S12ZVL

    Hello all,   I am currently at the configuration of the fvco of the S12ZVL128. However, I find some difference in the datasheet for VCOFRQ setting. Just want to confirm which is correct.    In pa...
    Junxi Cai
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  • RT1064 datasheet issue

    Hello,   please find attached a detailed picture of the issue. I'm wondering if this is correct.   Thank you in advance.   Regards
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  • New device driver integration with Yocto

    Hello, I am looking for new device driver integration flow with yocto. I am trying to interface SI4731 tuner chip with IiMX8M MINI development board. I add related c files to /tmp/work-shared/imx8mm-var-dart/kernel-so...
    Malay Dhrangadhria
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  • DDR validation failed

    What could be the cause of DDR validation write leveing failed, and how to solve it? The configuration and error information of DDR are as follows:
    wu bo
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  • EZ_Port Pin Standard Config Pull Up Down

    Hi,   i am using a K22FN1M0VLQ12 and was wondering if the EZP_CS! pin has an internal pullup.   I am having trouble with a board because EZP_CS! is externally pulled low, so its entering EZPort mode and i ...
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  • Information about temperature calibration

    Hello, I want to calibrate the thermal sensor for the imx8mm. I read the i.MX 8M Mini Applications Processor Reference Manual chapter 5.4 Thermal Monitoring Unit (TMU). I can't find information about the calibrati...
    Sebastian Suesens
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  • i.MX8MQ is hanging in busfreq-imx8mq.c driver

    Hi NXP Team,   We are trying to port the i.MX8MQ custom board to Linux kernel 5.4.3. We are using the 5.4.3 kernel provided by the NXP team.   Please note that on the same board, previous version 4.7 is wo...
    Harshit Shah
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  • Getting started with USB_HOST_API(flash drive and VCP)

    Hi,   I'm new to devloping with a usb host and i need resources to better understand how your API works. I'm planing that my product will have a usb hub that a usb flash drive for dataloging(in a fat file syste...
    claude-david gaudreault
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