• iMX6DQ MMDC Initialization

    If I have the parameters generated by the MMDC calibration tool, what is the proper sequence of loading the MMDC registers and what registers are needed to get the DDR memory running? We'll assume that the IOMUXC pins...
    Ken Green
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  • S32R294 documents

    Hi    My project is using s32R294 controller.But i am unable to get any documents like data sheet and reference manual from nxp website.    Please let me know,How can i get these documents
    ponni kurian
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  • Availablity of SW package to support safety features of MPC5xxx MCUs

    Dear NXP-Team, Short question: Do you know about software support packages for fast realization of function safety with MPC5xxx MCUs, and in particular with the MPC57775B/E? The question relates to something similar ...
    Peter Vranken
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  • TWR KL28Z72 FlexIO 8080 Bus interface

    Hi,   I am looking for the example mentioned in "https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/application-note/AN5313.pdf " for #TWR KL28Z72# board.   I downloaded the SDK but could not find the FlexIO to drive 8080 B...
    Harish Shekarappa
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  • HC12 compiler Warning

    Hello,   I am using the compiler HC12 (5.0.14) for the development of MC9S12DG128 controller. Now it shows some warning like limited the code. How can I resolve this problem? Please help me.   Regards, Shiju
    Shiju V
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  • Can I setting "Route Record Table Size" to more than 255?

    It is not allowed in "ZPS Configuration Editor". but in the generated source(zps_gen.c), the ZPS_tsNwkNibTblSize.u16Rct(nwkRouteRecordTable size) is type of uint16. Should I ignore the limit of "ZPS Configuration...
    Teddy Zheng
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  • Embedded source code for WCT1011A Automotive MP-A9 WPC

    Hello Everyone,   Would you please explain to me how can I download embedded source code for MP-A9 Wireless Charging? I'm using Freemaster but I can't see the directory location for it! (I'm working on a project...
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  • Can we have both USB and BLE functionality on QN908x Chip simultaneously

    I want to try both USB and BLE functionality on QN908x development board. Individually, I am able to run HID mouse example code for USB as well as BLE from SDK2.2.1. But, I want to have both the functionality in the s...
    Ankur Rathi
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  • unable to connect to git.freescale.com

    Recently many customers faced the issue about connecting the git.freesacle .com failed when they built old bsp version like 4.1.15 or 3.14.52,  when the customer repo init according to the yocto user guide, they ...
    Joan Xie
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  • Question about evkmimxrt1064_flexspi_nor_config.c

    Hi All   This is the QSPI flash configuration as used for booting the iMXRT1064 EVK: const flexspi_nor_config_t qspiflash_config = {     .memConfig =         { &...
    Mark Butcher
    created by Mark Butcher
  • git://git.freescale.com/imx/fsl-arm-yocto-bsp.git   how to fix this?

    I'm Working with some book, trying to execute this command: repo init -u git://git.freescale.com/imx/fsl-arm-yocto-bsp.git -b imx-morty -m imx-4.9.11-1.00_ga.xml after some browsing I understand that git.freesc...
    Tal Bary
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  • ARM CORTEX M4 in Power Management

    Hi All,   I am working on IMX8QM-MEK with Android Automotive. I have some doubt regarding power management.   1. Is it possible to sleep/ wake up the head unit using from M4 ? 2. Is M4 Core have the cloud...
    vinothkumar s
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  • i.MX8QM core and board informations

    Hi guys,   I have a i.MX8QM-MEK and I would like to know if it is possible to get (and how) the following information retrieved from the device itself:  1) the board vendor and revision . As fair as I...
    Daniel Oliveira
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  • linux-imx branchs for kernel 5.x?

    into GitHub - Freescale/linux-fslc: Linux kernel source tree  I do not see any linux-imx branch for kernel 5.x. Will there be in the near future linux-imx branchs for kernel 5.x similarly as the branchs which exi...
    axel Lagrange
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  • MPC5746C FCCU Source Mapping

    Hi,   I am looking for the FCCU source mapping for the MPC5746C. I can't seem to find it in the reference manual. I found document AN5259 for the MPC574xP. It's probably close to what I am looking for, I...
  • i.MX8M key pad port (KPP)?

    I have a question about the i.MX8M. Does this processor have a key pad port (KPP)? I don't find anything in the data sheet.
    Alexander Elbs
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  • i.MX8 M MINI Ethernet MAC

    Hi, We want to use 10/100 Base-T Ethernet MII interface in our design. Following is the pin mapping as per i.MX8 M MINI datasheet. We need the exact pin interface for MII mode.       ...
    Sameer Pitre
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  • iMX8QM SNVS PMIC On Request

    Hi,   I would like to understand the behavior of the iMX8QM PMIC_ON_REQ line coming from the SNVS block.   Hardware Question : Is it possible to configure the default state of the PMIC_ON_REQ line ? By de...
    Stan Bertrand
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  • IMX8 HDMI 120Hz?

    Hi,   Does IMX8 MDMI 1920x1080P 120Hz support it?   James 
    James Kim
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  • I2C driver in optee not working

    Hello Everyone, igorpadykov    I have port imx-i2c driver from Linux to Optee. As in Linux, the driver is called to start i2c communication through i2c_imx_start,  when it tries to read the content of...
    Asma Alekar
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