• The error of MATLAB s32v234 evaluation board simulation

    Hi, When I use matlab s32v234 evaluation board to simulate face detection, the following problems occur:   make[1]: Leaving directory '/g/Matlab2018file/codegen/exe/face_detection/build-v234ce-gnu-linux-o' make...
    li lei
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  • LS1021ATSN :uboot can't find 'setenv'

    When I set MAC addresses on the LS1021ATSN-PA board in U-Boot according to  Open Industrial Linux User Guide: This is the command: \0x1b7\0x1b[r\0x1b[999;999H\0x1b[6nroot@ls1021atsn:~# setenv ethaddr 00:04:9f:e...
    qiwen yun
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  • LPC55S69 SDK : linker script managed or not ?

    Hello !   I can see frertos_mpu_ns example is use managed linked script in Properties. But some how it know about folder linkscripts and take from there all *.ldt files in use and build right memory map.  ...
    Eugene Hiihtaja
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  • Regarding osciilator in tja1101

    i am giving RST_N and EN pin high in TJA110. but i am not getting any change in xi and xo.please sugggest which other signal i have to configure to get osciilator signal
    Rajesh Sura
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  • CAN bus issue for 200 meters cable

    Hi, We use 10 boards(S12ZVCA) to send CAN message every 10 seconds. And 1 board(S12ZVCA) to collect those CAN message.   It can work fine in 10 meters cable. But it is unstable in 200 meters cable. How to solve...
    Aaron Lee
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    BSP:4.1.15-1.2.0 Kernel:4.1.15   dts文件:BLTP01lvds_lvds_hdmi.dts、blt-p01-test.dtsi   当设置fb0为ldb的时候,lvds能正常显示1920x1080 当设置fb0为hdmi的时候,hdmi能正常显示1920x1080 但是就是不能同时显示,求指导 Qiang Li - Mpu Se   mxcfb1: f...
    Liang JiaXing
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  • Freemaster connect fail

    Dear all,    when i connect  my board with openSDA, then open freeMaster tool,  boautrate is 115200, when click next step, it happeened the following error, pls  help me, only connect bo...
    kui wu
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  • DMA and ADC connection

    Hi,   I am working with MPC5777C. At the moment I try to understand EQADC together with DMA. I have looked at many examples (for other MCUs since none exist for mine) and read quite a bit in reference manual. &#...
    Mathias Edman
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  • CESc question

    Dear all,    1. whether can  i  get the key  value by software ,such as  MASTER_ECU_KEY/BOOT_MAC_KEY/BOOT_MAC, KEY_<n> ,  RAM_KEY?    2.whether MASTER_ECU...
    kui wu
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  • could not use qDMA feature on LS1043A board

    When I try to register and start qDMA function on LS1043A It blocked in the first step.   following the manual reference, we should Disable the command queue. but if set the register DMR[DQD]=1, BaCQ...
    Ken Liu
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  • /dev/rtc0 no such device or address on LS1028ARDB

    We have the the Layerscape LS1028ARDB reference board and have successfully loaded the Ubuntu-based Linux image per the LS1028A BSP User Guide, Rev. 0.3, 04/2019. When we try to query the real-time cloc...
    Jeremy Impson
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  • JLINK debogger for iMX8M

    We are planning to work on a new project using our custom board based on NXP i.MX.8 processor. The software development environment will be Yocto (cross compilation with Ubuntu machines). We consider using GDB to de...
    Imed jedidi
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  • S32 SDK library support for LCD/LIN/Haptic Driver?

    Hi, Does the S32 SDK has the support for below drivers? LCD driver. LIN driver Haptic Driver   Please let us know.
    Tajpeer H
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  • What if HSM data block is full in MPC57xx?

    I'm working with MPC5746C with 1.0.5 secure firmware on it. The new generated bootmac key is written in HSM data block when reprogramming is done. Then what if HSM data block0, block1 are full of generated keys so f...
    Boyeon Kim
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  • TSN: How to sync Ls1028ardb with Cisco IE4000 TSN switch

    Hello,   I have ls1028ardb with OpenIL v1.6 and Cisco IE4000 TSN switch. I perform gPTP.cfg as 802.1as profile so that ls1028ardb can sync with IE 4000 well. But how to "utilize" the synchronization clock for ...
    Junhui Jiang
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  • TJA1080 Termination

    what is the termination resistor required for Flexray transceivers TJA1080ATS
    kiran M
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  • Interface an external RAM with i.MX RT 1062

    Hello everybody,   I was asked to make a project which requires the fastest access possible to a RAM (write and read). I am still in a study phase and at the moment it seems to me that the SEMC interface on a i...
    Fabrizio Benatti
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  • iMX51 and boot?

    Процессор не грузится с SD карты! Если отдельно записать FLASH, то плата запускается нормально! Читаю память iMX51 - GPIO_BT_SEL = 1, конфигурирование с GPIO заблокировано! Можно вернуть к заводской прошивке? На работ...
    Sergei Molotkov
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  • Code Protection

    Hi,   I have completed my coding and now need to flash the code into the mcu but in such a way that no can have access to it or say no can copy code from the mcu again using SWD, UART, ISP & USB. So, I nee...
    Manva Trivedi
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  • S32K142_48  SDK LinStack BUG

    Hi ,       I found a bug in S32K SDK V3.0.0.   When I choose S32K142_48 as my porcessor,i cannot use LinStack component .The fault is as follows.Hope for your help,thanks!...
    zheng jianfei
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