• about   S32KSDK  lin_master_baremetal_s32k148

    When lin is used as the Master and the LIN host scheduling table has multiple ID, when receiving and sending are processed at the same time in the LIN interrupt, ID data loss and garbled code will occur.The follo...
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  • PWM with multiple period using LPC546xx SCTimer/PWM

    Hello ,   I am using LPC54628(OM13098) development board. I intent to use PWM output with different period. Is it possible to have different PWM period in SCT0?   e.g. SCT0_OUT4     ...
    Hemanth S
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  • CCSR Block Address

    Hi, The CCSR Block_Base_Address starts from 1000000...Why are we excluding 1 in rcw files?? like for ex in file rcw_1200_qspiboot.rcw , it is written as write 0x57015c, 0x40100000??
    rashmi KJ
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  • Android as dom0 in imx8 quadmax mek

    I would like to use android as dom0 on xen hypervisor in imx8 quadmax mek. Is it possible to make android as dom0? If so, if somebody have succeeded in booting android as dom0. Could you please help me on what all cha...
    Shabna M
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  • Android 9 iMX8MM DDR4 Crash

    RAM is MT40A512M16LY-075:E 2GB.  I used MX8M_Mini_DDR4_RPA_v11 with ddr_tool_v3.10 for calibration and it passes without issue.  I also ran an over-night test and had no problems.  In u-boot I'm se...
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  • Ready to Evaluate 802.11ah using Silex's SX-NEWAH?

    In Part 1 of our 3 part webinar series, you learned that 802.11ah technology is capable of connecting smart devices securely over long distances using minimal power, resolving many of the problems restrictin...
    Babar Hashim
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  • Interested in 802.11ah Long Range Wireless Solutions?

    In Part 1 of our 3 part webinar series, you learned that 802.11ah technology is capable of connecting smart devices securely over long distances using minimal power, resolving many of the problems restrictin...
    Babar Hashim
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  • Ready to Evaluate 802.11ah using Silex's SX-NEWAH?

    Silex Technology's SX-NEWAH-US module is the industry's first 802.11ah Wi-Fi HaLow module to operate in the Sub 1Gz license-exempt band that allows you to securely connect to smart devices over long distance...
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  • Using QSPI flash A1 for XIP and QSPI flash B1 for data storage

    I came across a few posts for using 2 QSPI devices like Can we use a XIP flash and a data flash at the same FlexSPI controller?  One of the replies mentioned XIP uses AHB while programming the flash uses IP...
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  • MCU 11.1.1 / MCT 7.0.0 - Pins GUI gets confused when sorting

    Ran into a weird bug here... it appears that the Pins display can get seriously confused when sorting using the Label column, such that the Pin and Pin Name columns no longer match up with the rest of the columns....
    David Rodgers
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  • Imx8mq with usb keyboard no response

    Linux version 4.14.98-06002-g2486935-dirty  Machine model: Freescale i.MX8MQ EVK   There is a issue with the blew Linux version and machine model. The usb mouse and usb storage are ok, but the usb keyboard...
    Hongxing Yu
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  • imx8m mini  change the mipi_CLK

    imx8m mini  LPDDR4  # 4.17.78    As follow codes, when i change the pixclk :.clock  there is nothing change about the MIPI_CLK. where should i change if i want to change the MIPI_...
    qiao weibiao
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  • LPC55S69 : reason for "Another secure bus error"

    Hi !   Quite often I have Hardfault with verdict:   Entering HardFault interrupt! Another secure bus error.   What can be reason for error what standart HardFault handler from SDK  can't decode&...
    Eugene Hiihtaja
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  • 68HC705 PLCC44 replacer?

    We have an old design that uses a MC68HC705C8ACFN microcontroller. The firmware really needs an update, but we are using a PLCC44 version of this part and as I see, there is really nothing that can drop down on t...
    john backman
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  • i.MX8X QCA6174 driver and firmware

    Dear community,   I am using a QCA6174A-5 chipset installed on PCIe interface of an i.MX8X module. I am using Yocto (sumo release) to build tha image. I would like to know if "firmware-qca6174" and "ke...
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  • How to solve SELinux Error

    Hi,           I am trying to run my amfm application in imx8qxp android 9. I want to access jni and hidl functions.    I am able to access jni function from java la...
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  • QN9080 demo (wireless heart rate) application issue

    Hello I am brand new to NXP devices (specifically the QN 9080 DK).   I am unable to run the basic wireless programs such as the examplified heart rate sensor FRTOS. I am able to Build, use Jlink debug probe, but...
    Eduardo Ortega
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  • How to mask tags having UID more than 4 bytes in ISO14443A protocol in NXP NFC reader library.

    I am using the "NXP NFC Reader Library" for reading HF(ISO14443A) tags like "Classic"/"Ultralight" etc. I can read tags using the below functions call. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ /*Symbol 6,7,8*/ st...
    Pallav Joshi
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  • RT1052 SDK2.7 USB CDC VCOM DeInit & Reinit

    What's the proper way to tear down (and bring back up again) the USB CDC Vcom when using FreeRTOS Tasks?   My usbRxTask setup is the same as the SDK demo, but the demo doesn't show how to tear down/re-init. I a...
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  • java.lang.IllegalArgumentException

    Hello community,   I can not display SerDes1:SerDes which is created with default Code Warrior QCVS SerDes Configuration Tool. Can anyone tell me how to fix this error ? Is there any patch recommended to apply ...
    Yusuf Altıparmak
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