• Error when ending debugging

    I am having a lot of difficulties to start programming with the MKE18F256VLH16 microcontroller. I'm using MCUXpresso 11.1.0, SDK 2.7.0,  and a PE Multilink tool to SWD debug. The board was assembled by me, and ...
    Walter Colombo
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  • LPC 54616 config tools

    Hi . My company start a project with your lpc54616 mcu. İm try mcuxpresso config tools. İn peripheral drivers dont work. This funktion generates code like this;.   const mcan_config_t CAN0_config = { , , , .ena...
    ali karakaş
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  • EEPROM Emulation driver for KEA128 Demo Interpretation

    [EEPROM emulation driver for KEA128 and KEA8] software used for Kinetis EA family product (without integrated EEPROM memory), which using the sector-erasable Flash memory be used to emulate the EEPROM through EEPROM e...
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  • HAL library for S32K146/144 MCU?

    How can we use HAL library for S32K146/144 MCU?as I have learnt STM32F4 Discovery using HAL library, so it would be easy for me. currently, I am using S32Design Studio for ARM for coding in S32K146?
    Shivam Gupta
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  • EBTresos tool installer issue

    my computer can't install EBTresos(EBtresosStudio_EBtresosStudio) tool, how to fix it.
    guang chen
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  • LS1043a-RGW Debug Uboot Console Port Input.

    Hi,   I am bringing up custom LS1043a-RGW board and in u-boot- I see  serial output, but I have not been able to get serial Input...     1) Is there any configuration option that makes...
    Thomas Morrison
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  • FTP Server example for RT1064

    Hello NXP community,   is there an example how to implement a FTP server using the MCUExpresso Toolkit?   Best regards,   Markus
    Markus Winkhoefer
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  • Reading code (my own) using the True-Time Simulator

    HI, I'm using Metrowerks CW v3.1 with v6.1 True-Time Simulator, working with a 9s12c32. I revived an old project and forget what version of my code I have working on the target pcb. Is there a way to read the code, ...
    John Pizzuto
    created by John Pizzuto
  • I2S fsl_ssi_set_dai_fmt() has no effect

    Using an I2S driver without an audio codec initialization we were able to create a soundcard that can be used with alsa (both aplay/arecord are working, audio is transmitted, the sound is "off" though) but are unable ...
    Christian Fischer
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  • Memory range of DDR Stress Test

    Hi all,   I have a question about i.MX 6/7 DDR Stress Test Tool . I would like to know the memory range of the test.   Does it test the whole DDR memory range ? If not, which range does it test ? &#...
    created by ko-hey
  • Code generated by mbdtool not excute on the MPC5744p revE board

    Hello all,   I recently purchased a MPC5744P DEVKIT from NXP and received the Rev E. I flashed the bootloader with the the new RBF file .  However, my devkit is behaving wierdly now.I came across the followi...
    SHAO Jianbo
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  • FRDM-K82 DAPLink rev0244 firmware size larger than allowed

    Hi,   I am working with FRDM-K82, I connected my board with windows 10 computer and ended up with a board that has stopped working. Upon exploring ways to get out of the situation, I found this link with images...
    yash bhatt
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  • Ethernet connection problem with T2080RDB-PC

    I am working with a T2080RDB device and am having trouble trying to get Ethernet working.  I have not been able to make this work in either U-Boot or Linux that shipped with the board.   Should I be able to ...
    Ron Gauthier
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  • How many data lane in use (MIPI-CSI2) ?

    Hi, I'm using iMX6 Solo board with OV5645 camera (MIPI-CSI2). For some cases, I also use USB Camera Logitech C270. As I refer, iMX6 Solo has 2 data lanes(MIPI-CSI2). So, I have some questions: How many lane in ...
    Dao Van Toan
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  • [JN-SW-4170] Which API is for "Read Attributes" Response?

    Dear Sirs,   According to Chapter of JN-UG-3103 ("Reading a Set of Attributes of a Remote Cluster"), the Destination Node will send "Read Attributes" response to the Source Node. Where can I find the .c...
    alan lin
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  • No response from OV5640

    Hello, I am making a program that uses MINISASTOCSI (OV5640) and cortex-M4 to communicate by I2C with iMX8MminiEVK. However, I cannot confirm the response from the I2C camera. The I2C driver uses MCUexpressoSDK (SDK_2...
    Tetsuya Sugiyama
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  • USB protection required when slave is powered, but master (i.MX8M) isn't

    Hello,   Our application is placed on a card which is mounted on a carrier PCB, out application is USB Master.   during certain situations the Carrier which contains the USB slave can be powered but the i....
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  • How to configure LIN Stack for a Firmware which shall support more then one slaves on Bus?

    I have 4 nearly identical slaves on the Bus, which shall be supported by one firmware. Depending on runtime configuration this firmware shall act as the choosen node. With processor expert I found only the way to gen...
    Michael Albrecht
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  • SJA1105 Support Hairpin Mode

    Can anyone from NXP advise whether the SJ1105 Ethernet switch supports "hairpin" / VEPA mode?   This is helpful for some modes of macvlan networking, which you can see in the VEPA diagram here: Introduction...
    K L
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  • iMX8M Mini / IoT Core: power management support?

    Greetings, we're evaluating power management capabilities of NXP's Windows 10 IoT Core BSP for iMX8 Mini EVK (W1860_1_0_1_IMX-IOTCORE-B191011). Power management is claimed to be supported, but powercfg reports on...
    Gennady Kuznetsov
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