• Android 9 imx8mq  OTA incremental update error

    hi, 1.I use make otapackage -j12 build a full update package , it works well. 2. when I use incremental package to update, there is a error occurs:       Applying 21701 operations to partit...
    chen yy
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  • Sharing GPIO between A35 and M4 in imx8QXP

    Hi, I am using imx8qxp evk and i would like to know about gpio sharing between a35 and m4. there is dedicated gpio for m4 and 8xGPIO in the Low Speed IO. SO can M4 and A35 access one of the GPIO from LSIO parallel? ...
    Noufal P
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  • Crashes when executing APEX example on SBC-S32V234

    I am using S32 Design Studio Version: 3.2  to generate some examples and compiling them on a development board: SBC-S32V234. After installing different packages (please see installation details in image attached)...
    Jorge Barrio Gragera
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  • WIFI 10 Click board on LPCX55S69EVK Board

    LS,   I'm trying to test a WiFi network connecting using the lpcxresso_aws_device_configuration_wifi sdk project. I'm using MCUXpresso 10.3.1_2233 with LPCXpresso55S69 SDK version 2.6.0.   As a WiFi board...
    Olaf Heemskerk
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  • RAppID Bootloader custom rbf files

    MPC57xx RAppID Bootloader rbf file for MPC5744P   RAppID Bootloader rbf file for MPC5746R  RAppID Bootloader rbf file for MPC5777C  RAppID Bootloader rbf file for MPC5777C - BookE (non-VLE) 
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  • RAppID Bootloader rbf file for MPC5746R

    UART0 communication is supported in the latest version of MPC5746R Bootloader .rbf file (attached below) + Supported UART0/LINFlexD_0: PD13-PD14 pins(Speed: 115200b/s)     Tested on the dev boards: ...
    Mike Doidge
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  • Freescale P2020 CPU Freeze over PCIe abort signal

    This is the head of a thread I started in Linux mailing lists. The thread can be found at: http://www.mail-archive.com/linuxppc-dev@lists.ozlabs.org/msg47595.html --------------------snip -------------------- This sho...
    Eran Liberty
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  • How to create an example usb_device_SD_card project of MK50DN512 in MCUXpresso?

    Hello,   I would like to use the usb device function of MK50DN512. First I looked at the MK50DN512xxx10, there is a usb_device_msc_sdcard example under board twrk60d100m folder. I follow...
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  • iMX6ul evk board MPD (Music Player Daemon) + ncmpc

    I can't cross-compile MPD because of very much dependencies, it really must be compiled on the device it will be using, but it is impossible to install it on the board because board has no needed packages too and pack...
    Vladislav Redin
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  • Pins Tool iMX8MM pin Direction

    Hi,   I started using the Pins Tool v6.0 (Pins Tool for i.MX Application Processors | NXP ) for my design using SoC MIMX8MM4xxxLZ.    However I think I have found some discrepancies with the pin ...
    Tom Perman
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  • Pins Tool v6 without internet connection

    Since v6 there is a different behaviour with the update process compared to v5. v6 cant be used within our network as a because of the tool changes along with our companny restrictions. v5 worked well.   In v6 a...
    Martin Stelter
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  • Migrating evkbimxrt1050_dev_cdc_vnic_bm from Bare Metal (no operating system) to FreeRTOS

    I've compiled the Virtual Network Interface example evkbimxrt1050_dev_cdc_vnic_bm using the MCUXpresso IDE and the IMXRT1050-EVKB eval board. The example works without an operating system, but I would like to migrate ...
    Evelyn Sabbag
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  • Flash crash?

    I use the MCU of KEA128 and define an global struct(unsigned char Flash_Buf[256];). 1.The struct assign some value 2.Execute the power on - off test. 3.Some time the value of struct will be crash Have any one met ...
    Bill Chang
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  • When flashing it stucks on starting target cpu

    Excuse me ,  When I build it, it tells me that I miss some .h file. But I also stuck on almost the same point, when I try to flash it.  Could you pls support me ?      
    Liu Qinlong
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  • QSPI Flash RT1050 failure

    Dear,   I'm working on a project with the NXP i.MXRT1050 family MIMXRT1052DVL6B processor. For preliminary testing I'm using the MIMXRT1050-EVK development kit. For the initial tests we are using the SDX provide...
    Rubens Junior
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  • RT1050 DTCM 配置问题

    hi  我在使用过程中把DTCM配置成了448K,配置成了如下模式 但是我定义了一个程序如下: unsigned char gtx[1024*128]; typedef struct _tagtest { unsigned short pk_head; unsigned char testtr[10]; }test_typedef,*p_test_def; test_typedef testdata; ...
    haifeng jin
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  • How to put whole .o object in ITCM

    Hello,   I am using RT1060 with MCUXpresso IDE 11.0.1 and checked AN12437 i.MX RT Series Performance Optimization application note to learn about how to put instructions in ITCM using AT_QUICKACCESS_SECTION...
    Tomohiro Inoue
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  • QSPI Flash not detected on 2nd FlexSPI pinmux (i.MX RT 1021)

    Hello,   I'm trying to get working a custom board with a MIMXRT1021DAG5A which has a QSPI Flash (IS25LP128F-JBLE) on the 2nd pinmux option (BOOT_CFG[3:1] = 111), but I can't get the flash to be detected. &#...
    Benjamin Balga
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  • Storing user data to QSPIFlash running in XIP

     Hi   I trying to store user data to QSPI Flash(IS25LP128F) after code area which is connected to IMXRT1050. My application is running from flash in XIP mode.   I tried the solutions( https://www.nxp....
    venu chekuri
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  • Teensy 4 (IMXRT1062) FlexIO Serial transmit issues shifter != 0

    Hi,   Sorry in advance, I am not sure how detailed to start off here.    I have been reasonably active on the Teensy T4 beta and now release, which is using an IMXRT1062 and started playing around wit...
    Kurt Eckhardt
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